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May 14, 2013

HaLeigh case bounty hunter writes for x-rated website

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

The private investigator that once declared he was going to find HaLeigh Cummings in ten days, but ended up being arrested for kidnapping, has re-surfaced as a contributing writer to an x-rated website.

William Staubs – a.k.a. ‘Cobra the Bounty Hunter’ recently published an article on about the missing child HaLeigh Cummings, which he then promptly submitted to the FBI via Twitter.

The FBI recently expressed a fresh interest in the missing person case, and encouraged the public to provide information. Staubs’ article appeared to be yet another ‘thought-stopper’ declaring ‘HaLeigh is dead’ so stop looking for her.

The FBI also confirms recently receiving a tip in the "Human Trafficking' division regarding

And that being...

The true oddity of Staubs’ latest publishing is the mere fact he associates with at all.

The adult website regularly refers to Staubs as a fat disgusting pig, pervert, and notorious grifter who cries and begs for money. He was most recently mocked by the website for trying to sell pubic hair online, which he claims came from the garbage of O.J. Simpson. 

But the juvenile antics of Radionewz are not the basis for the more serious concerns about Staubs and his emerging associates.

In April of 2013 attacked Staubs’ daughter – a minor. The child’s sister, Christina ‘Staubs’ Horn, an attorney residing in Michigan, quickly came to her little sister’s aid.

“As representation for the above-mentioned individual, I am advising you that you are to hereby cease and desist the defamation of xxxxxxx Staubs’ character and reputation. First, xxxxxxx Staubs is a minor and not involved in this case whatsoever. If you continue to defame her character publicly, despite this attempt to correct the above incorrectly publicized information, you will be looking at a defamation claim. Cyber bullying a minor with this type of libelous action will not be tolerated. Thank you for your attention in this matter,” Horn said.

Attorney Horn’s insistence the site stop harassing the child was met with obnoxious defiance by what appeared to be the attorney representing The lawyer for was posting anonymously.

“To Christina STAUBS Horn, newly licensed attorney, permitted only to practice law in the State of Michigan, and who just graduated from law school last year: Your law firm will be getting notice tomorrow of your pretentious bullying of unwitting lay people with threats of bogus lawsuits which are not cognizable in fact or in law. There is no defamation or disparaging comment here about your LITTLE SISTER,” the lawyer said.

“I call upon you to provide what Federal, Michigan or Georgia law prohibits or criminalizes such conduct. And…I’ll give YOU ten days to provide that confirmation, okay?” the lawyer advised.

The entire exchange between the two attorneys appeared to be very personal as if they knew each other. The Radionewz lawyer made comments about the girl's father.
The child Staubs was indeed sexually harassed and violated on the amidst the comments allowed by the moderator. “… does the sister ever come to Steubenville? Does she have a little Italian in her? Does she want some?” on person said.

William Staubs’ reaction to the violation of his very own child is chilling. Only a couple weeks after his flesh and blood children valiantly fought back against the cyber-stalker at, the website jovially announced William Staubs may be joining the site as a writer.

“Despite the slapping back and forth between this blog and Cobra – we may be coming to a peace treaty,” said the poster called Radio.

The site then announced Staubs may be publishing at Radionewz. “If Cobra wants to talk – he is welcome to talk here” Radio said.

And he did.