Washington D.C. area trial attorney sets sights on Polk County, Minnesota

Telephone recordings shows Polk County Attorney and EGF City Attorney are being extorted by out-of-state conspirators

By Timothy Charles Holmseth on September 3, 2018 at 2:07 P.M. CST

A Washington D.C. based trial attorney known for high profile cases and big names such as Edward Snowden has his turned his focus to Polk County, Minnesota.

Here's why.

Evidence shows Ronald Galstad, an attorney from East Grand Forks, Minnesota is being privately extorted by out-of-state actors that are forcing him to use his prosecutorial powers to prosecute and defame Timothy Charles Holmseth.  

Galstad is presently prosecuting Holmseth for publishing court records that embarrassed a host of individuals and public officials in February of 2018.

On August 30, 2018 during a court hearing in Polk County, Holmseth advised Honorable Tamara Yon he is going to file a 42 U.S.C. 1983 Deprivation of Rights lawsuit because his attorney, Gretchen Handy, and two other attorneys that have represented Holmseth, steadfastly refuse to challenge the Injunction from Broward County, Florida used to arrest Holmseth, with an argument the order violates the First Amendment.

Holmseth made his statements to the court about the First Amendment based upon advice from Steven Biss, a trial attorney from the Washington D.C. area that represents Holmseth in a federal defamation lawsuit filed by Holmseth . Biss says the Florida order blatantly violates the Constitution and the argument needs to be made at the trial court level to preserve it for appeal.

Galstad reacted to Holmseth's polite and measured statement to the court by interrupting and requesting the court order a Rule 20.01 evaluation of Holmseth. The Rule 20.01 is used to determine if a defendant understands the charges against him and can stand trial.

Galstad's malicious action has opened a huge can of worms.  

According to the police in East Grand Forks, their records show no other police reports made against Holmseth aside from the February, 2018 case. The EGFPD said Holmseth has not been accused of a crime for years.


Holmseth possesses hours of recorded telephone calls he received from Tina Church, a private investigator from Indiana who once filed a false police report to the East Grand Forks Police that Holmseth had a kidnapped child named HaLeigh Cummings in his home.

Church repeatedly called Holmseth in 2017 and said she telephoned the "chief law enforcement officials" in Polk County and warned they better "stop" Holmseth and have him involuntarily committed into a mental institution or their would be legal consequences.

"I've talked to your city attorney, your county attorney, I believe you know who I am talking about," Church said, going on to specifically name both Ronald Galstad and Greg Widseth.

"They can be sued for allowing your criminal activities, because your city attorney, county attorney, are the chief law enforcement officials in your county," Church said.

Exhaustive public record requests show there are no records of the police reports and telephone calls Church refers to regarding what she called Holmseth's "criminal activities". However, Church has repeatedly told Holmseth she has been talking to the police and prosecutors about him.

Holmseth has evidence Galstad and select police officers are being blackmailed by Church and others with recorded telephone calls Church possesses that capture the police and public officials in misconduct, which will be published on You Tube if her demands are not met.  

Church is named as a co-conspirator in a federal lawsuit filed by Holmseth on May 25, 2018 via Attorney Biss. The defamation lawsuit is filed in the Virginia Eastern District Court.

On page 15 of the federal lawsuit it shows a petition published by Defendants that shows a photo of Holmseth and a headline that says: East Grand Forks, Minnesota: Please Involuntarily Commit Timothy Holmseth To A Mental Institution.

The Petition is signed by Church.

According to Attorney Biss this creates legal issues.

"Galstad may be a witness. Okay, because Galstad has talked to Tina Church. And Galstad and Tina Church have basically defamed you by suggesting that you're crazy and you need to be put into a mental institution," Biss aid.

This is a developing story.

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