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March 24 , 2014

Seventeen year-old in hiding from State of Florida for 305 days 

Florida judge ordered emancipated teenager to be incarcerated in detention center for getting married

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Alec Hash, 17, is hiding from the State of Florida.

On this – day 305 of Alec Hash’s flight to avoid incarceration, his father, Dr. Mark Hash is seeking answers.

Mark Hash, Georgia, is gravely concerned with the conduct of the State of Florida. “My son Alec is an emancipated adult; he’s married and resides in another state. He is not charged with any crime,” he said.

In 2013, Alec Hash was a child stuck in the middle of a contentious child custody case, which began in 2003. The young man did not want to be the subject of the case any longer. On May 9, 2013, Alec Hash left the state of Florida and got married.

On May 29, 2013, Judge Karen Gievers issued a pick-up order for the newlywed and he became a fugitive.

Alec Hash

However – the events leading up to the child’s plight in the custody battle are peculiar, and create questions about why he has become the obsession of an entire State.

Court records show that in March of 2012, Mark Hash’s ex-wife, Reschin Moore, filed a motion with the family court in Leon County, Florida to re-open a custody file that had been closed.

Moore was being assisted by Melanie Tudor, a victim’s advocate employed by the City of Tallahassee Police Department. .

An abundance of court and medical records shows Moore had been diagnosed with mental issues and had abused the children, which were then placed in Mark Hash's sole custody. The case files also shows Moore had agreed to a plan to re-gain her parenting rights.

However - upon motioning the Court, Moore (with Tudor's assistance) essentially took back her admissions. The abuse, which was found to have occurred by the previous court, was very serious and included Moore pulling out a .357 Magnum on several occasions and threatening to kill her husband and herself.

Moore's motions and contentions moved easily through Judge Gievers' court.

Interestingly – in December of 2011, only a few months prior to Moore filing to have the case re-opened, Mark Hash notified the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) he was filing a civil rights lawsuit against their agency. The lawsuit stems from felony charges brought against Mark Hash by the FDLE for prescription fraud; charges that were subsequently dropped.

The custody filing by Moore re-opened a closed case and custody of Alec Hash became center stage. New accusations were made by Moore, who was now claiming Mark Hash was a liar that brainwashed his children and fooled a psychologist.

"They said Alec might have to be institutionalized because he's been brainwashed so bad he's delusional," Mark Hash said.

By May of 2013, Alec Hash did not want to be a part of the tug-of-war so he abruptly left the state and became married.

According to Mark Hash, Judge Gievers was livid about the marriage, and chastised the boy in open court. The Judge told the sixteen year-old he needed to get prepared, because when school finals were done, he was going to be put in out-of-home placement.

Alec Hash left the state the next day.

On May 29, 2013, Judge Gievers issued an emergency ex-parte child pick-up order for Alec Hash. She subsequently had him entered into the computer system to be declared "missing".

Judge Karen Gievers

On February 24, 2014, a Georgia judge signed emancipation documents for Alec Hash, which specifically ratified his marriage of May 9, 2013.

He was a free man.

However, the State of Florida will not recognize the marriage or emancipation and insists Alec Hash turn himself into a police officer. The situation is odd, because Alec Hash is an emancipated married adult residing in another state and is charged with no crime whatsoever. 

According to Mark Hash, Joel Weaver, a detective for the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, advised the lawyer representing Alec Hash’s wife, Attorney Chris E. Ambrose, that the Sheriff’s Office did not intend to remove Alec Hash’s name from the national computer system, which subjects him to immediate arrest upon sight.

 “Why does the State of Florida want to incarcerate my son? What do they want with him? What do they want to do to him?” Mark Hash said.

Dr. Mark Hash said he has evidence that implicates judges, police, states attorneys, employees at the Florida Department of Health, and members of Florida Governor Rick Scott's office, for involvement in fraudulently obtaining amphetamines on his license without his knowledge.

Mark Hash is concerned someone wants to harm his son.

Alec Hash is an honor student and would have earned his Eagle Scout if he were not in hiding.

This is a developing story.

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