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September 3, 2014

National Crime Information Center used in attempted kidnapping?

AT&T records indicate court officers in Florida filed false missing person report

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

AT&T telephone records of a Georgia man whose picture was once on a ‘Missing Person’ flyer appear to confirm his long-standing position that an active plot to kidnap him is underway.

The target – Alec Thomas Hash, 17, is involved as plaintiff and/or a witnesses in two separate lawsuits; one is against the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD); the other against the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

Hash presently lives in fear of false arrest based upon a juvenile pick-up order issued by Florida Judge Karen Gievers. The Order which remains in effect, despite Hash being an emancipated married adult residing in Georgia.

Hash’s plaintiff/witness status in two lawsuits may have placed him at the center of a diabolical kidnapping plot, which is being driven and carried out by officials within the TPD and Florida judicial system that seek to silence and discredit him.

However, recently obtained telephone records from AT&T have exposed what appears to be false statements made to law enforcement by several officers of the Florida Court that sought to have Hash improperly classified as Missing and Endangered.  

On May 25, 2013, Elizabeth (Bib) Willis, the court appointed guardian ad litem for Hash, made a report to the Leon County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) in Florida.

Willis told Detective Joel Weaver, LCSO, she was authorized by the Court to transport Hash to Alabama. Hash had recently been abruptly removed from the sole-physical custody of his father, Dr. Mark Hash, by Leon County Judge Karen Gievers.

The abrupt custody change took place under extremely suspicious circumstances that included findings by Judge Gievers that Alec Hash had been ‘brainwashed’ by his father and had mental problems. Alec Hash – an Eagle Scout - had been in the sole physical custody of his father for over ten years – his mother, Reschin Moore, had long since been found by previous Courts to suffer psychosis and had a history of pulling loaded guns and jumping out of moving cars.  

“The order instructed Alec Hash to answer his cellular telephone when Willis called to make arrangements for the transport. Willis attempted to make contact with Hash on 24 May 2013 to no avail,” Weaver reported.

Alec Hash’s alleged failure to answer his telephone when Willis allegedly called had a profound affect on subsequent events. It resulted in Alec Hash being entered as a ‘Runaway’ in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database. He was classified as “Missing” and flyers were published by the FDLE – National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

“I prepared an order of compliance for Alec Hash’s AT&T cellular account (850-766-xxxx)” Weaver reported.

Emerging evidence indicates the entire ‘Missing Person’ event may have been based upon an entirely fabricated police report filed by Willis.

Write Into Action has obtained the AT&T cellular records for Alec Thomas Hash’s cell number 850-766-xxxx and there is no record of the telephone call Willis told Weaver she made to Alec Hash.


Alec Thomas Hash's cell phone record from May 24, 2013. Hash's telephone was turned on and operating throughout the day and evening. There is no record of the call Elizabeth Willis and Michael Dolce told authorities they placed to Hash at this number.

But the sinister dynamics surrounding what appears to be a false Missing Person report are not limited to the actions of Willis. The plot included several of Willis’ colleagues, who on May 24, 2013, began to take extraordinary measures to regain control of Alec Hash, who had become an emancipated adult after traveling to Missouri and getting married.

On May 24, 2013, Alec Hash moved from the state of Florida to live in Georgia. His departure from Florida sparked a frenzy of activity.

On Friday, May 24, 2013, at 11:48 p.m., Attorney Michael Dolce, the attorney Alec Hash retained to represent him per his desire to terminate his mother’s parental rights, sent an email labeled “URGENT MATTER” to the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) as well as several other Parties; including Judge Gievers.

In his email to the DCF, Dolce presents Alec Hash as a ‘child’ (Alec Hash is an emancipated married man) that may have been “unlawfully taken” by “adults” who have “unlawful intentions”.

However – facts and circumstances revealed by emails and case documents show that Dolce clearly knew he was fabricating a bogus story and pushing a false narrative to the DCF.

Dolce’s May 24, 2013, email suggests something sinister had taken place and Alec Hash was/is in danger. He even suggested that a man “claiming to be an attorney” in Georgia had made contact with attorneys in Florida to advise them of Alec Hash’s whereabouts.

“[Alec Hash] has either been unlawfully taken from the state of Florida or has run away. He may well be under the control or influence of adults who have unlawful intentions and may otherwise be very dangerous to his mental health. It has been reported to me that Alec left his school today at approximately 2 p.m. and disappeared. In the early evening, a man claiming to be a lawyer in McDonough, Georgia (near Atlanta) named Frederick Jones left a message for Alec's father's lawyer, Mr. [Attorney David] Chester, stating that he had Alec with him and Alec would be with him until further notice. Mr. Chester promptly relayed the information to Ms. [Attorney Katherine] Viker and me,” Dolce said, in his email.

Of course – a confirming telephone call to Attorney Jones would be as easy as dialing a telephone – but Dolce chose to present a dark narrative of a possible imposter impersonating the lawyer.

Dolce then claims to have attempted to make contact with Alec Hash by telephone.

“Upon learning these facts, Ms. [Attorney Katherine] Viker and I, upon consultation with and participation of Ms. Willis, attempted to contact Alec on his cell phone, but he failed to answer or return our messages. We then contacted law enforcement authorities in Florida and Georgia,” Dolce said.

AT&T records reviewed by Write Into Action do not appear to show the attempts of these telephonic contacts referenced by Dolce. His reference to “messages” means the telephone number Dolce and/or Willis and/or Viker were allegedly using to telephone Alec Hash should have registered on Alec Hash’s incoming calls – but there is no such record.

The following day, Willis emailed Chester, the lawyer representing Alec Hash’s father, Dr. Mark Hash. In the email dated May 25, 2013, 4:27 p.m., Willis confronted Chester and presented extremely histrionic questions for Chester regarding Alec Hash’s whereabouts and welfare.

“WHERE IS ALEC??? What is happening to him? is this lawyer a child abuser…is he a rapist? Does he like to diddle with little boys? Or big boys? Has he locked the child in a closet? Is Alec in chains? He told Michel that he is “safe”. What does THAT mean?” Willis said.

Willis’ bizarre delusional un-called for rant is an utterly ridiculous spectacle of sexually charged suspicions – wildly thrown into a matter where sex, and/or sex abuse, and/or child molestation had never even been a topic or issue.

The Sheriff’s Report generated by Weaver creates serious questions about the actions, behaviors, and motives of Willis.

“I made contact with Sergeant Hontarik of the McDonough Police Department (Georgia). He advised me he had contacted Alec Hash on 24 May 2013 [Attorney Fredrick] Jones’ office. He was in good health and advised he was emancipated,” Weaver reported.

The Leon County Court already had an affidavit on file by Attorney Frederick Jones that clearly reflected Jones was/is a family friend of many years; a highly decorated Command Sergeant Major, U.S. Army retired.

The true facts are an indictment of Willis’ character, integrity, and credibility and create serious questions about her true motivations regarding Alec Hash.

Willis knew Alec Hash was with a lawyer; the lawyer was a family friend; the lawyer was retired-decorated U.S. Army; Alec had been in face to face contact with law enforcement; Alec was in good health; Alec told police that Jones was his attorney; yet, Willis proceeded, along with Dolce and Viker, to push a false narrative of a child that had possibly been kidnapped and might be held “in chains” in a “closet” by a “rapist” lawyer somewhere.

The sudden introduction of sex and child rape into a case where it had not previously existed at all is very concerning and should spark the attention of appropriate authorities.

Willis’ objective was clear.

She wanted to achieve physical custody and control of Alec Hash – a married man – by having him classified as a ‘runaway’.

“I advised Sergeant Hontarik that Alec Hash was entered in the NCIC as a runaway. I requested if he was located to contact me so Willis could respond and take custody of him,” Weaver reported. 

Ironically – Georgia law enforcement, as well as Florida DCF, refused to become involved because Alec Hash was an emancipated married adult living in Georgia by his own volition.

In June of 2013, Dolce and Viker were contacted by email and both attorneys were provided with a letter from Alec Hash terminating them.

They refused to go away and stay out of his life.

On June 11, 2013, Dolce responded and advised that he could not honor the “alleged termination” because he could not confirm the sender of the email was Alec Hash.

The objective was to force Alec Hash to physically surface, whereupon he would be taken into custody.

On June 21, 2013, Chester emailed Dolce on behalf of Dr. Mark Hash, who originally secured Dolce’s legal services for his son, Alec Hash, and terminated him and his law firm colleagues.

On June 24, 2013, Dolce responded to Chester. “We will not be moving to withdraw under the present circumstances of Alec being declared at law a runaway or otherwise absconded minor who has not been able, or perhaps not allowed by captors, to communicate with Katherine and I for almost a month. At law, he remains a minor who is not emancipated and is a missing child considered to be at risk,” Dolce said.

Dolce continued to claim Alec Hash was not emancipated, and refer to his life and circumstances with words and phrases such as “captors”.

Dolce's feigned concerns about Alec Hash being a captive are simply not believable.


Serious questions and concerns exist about Elizabeth Willis and Michael Dolce.

AT&T records appear to show that Willis and Dolce filed a false Missing Person report so law enforcement could be utilized to apprehend Alec Hash.

Alec Hash is not a sex abuse victim and the Hash/Moore family court file contains no such issues – despite extensive involvement of social services, law enforcement, therapists, and counselors spanning over a decade.

Yet – amidst an attempt to illegally seize physical custody (kidnap) of Alec Hash – both Dolce and Willis began addressing Alec Hash’s situation as a ‘kidnapping’ involving ‘captors’ and possible ‘rape’.

“WHERE IS ALEC??? What is happening to him? is this lawyer a child abuser…is he a rapist? Does he like to diddle with little boys? Or big boys? Has he locked the child in a closet? Is Alec in chains? He told Michel that he is “safe”. What does THAT mean?” Willis said.

Michael Dolce, is a Florida licensed attorney who is noted for his legal and political work on behalf of crime victims. His recognition in this area did not come without a cost. He emerged from a devastating youth of one horrific tragedy after another, including falling into the clutches of a violent child sex predator, to become a voice for others victimized by violent crime.
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Alec Hash has retained high profile attorney Steven Andrews to represent him. Andrews has been featured in the news regularly regarding legal battles, wherein he has repeatedly prevailed against the Governor’s office.

Dolce and Viker continues to file motions to the court demanding Andrews not be allowed to be Alec Hash’s lawyer.

Dolce and Viker insist they be Alec Hash’s lawyer.

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