Leon County Sheriff’s Office investigates ‘Missing Person’ scheme; evidence shows FOX 49 correspondent filed false police report against Georgia doctor

‘Live in Tallahassee’ host once acted as intermediary for money exchange in possible extortion scheme

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on May 16, 2015 at 12:36 A.M.

Ann Howard, an on-air personality for FOX 49 in Tallahassee is under scrutiny for her involvement in what appears to be a criminal plot against a Georgia doctor and his son.

Howard, the co-host of ‘Live in Tallahassee’ faces serious allegations that include making a false police report to law enforcement and extortion.

According to Private Investigator Kent McGregor, (former) chief of investigations, Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), Howard filed a false report to law enforcement alleging his (McGregor’s) client, Dr. Mark Hash, once placed a tracking device on her car.

The allegation turned out to be fictitious.

The false report by Howard appears to have been made to advance a larger scheme intended to mislead State prosecutors that were planning on dropping felony charges that had been brought against Dr. Hash in connection with a pill-mill bust in Tallahassee.

In November of 2009, Dr. Hash was charged with dispensing pharmaceuticals without medical necessity at First Impressions weight loss clinic in Tallahassee, but prosecutors soon realized he had been the victim of identify theft, and told Hash’s attorney the State was planning to drop the charges.

But the charges were not immediately dropped; a prosecutorial decision believed to have been effectively stalled by Howard’s false report against Dr. Hash.

Howard’s false report is detailed in McGregor’s PI report.

“In July 2010, Inv. McGregor was advised by a local attorney that he had received information from a local Assistant State Attorney, that Ms. Heather Harrington, and a close friend, Ann Howard had been to local law enforcement agency in Tallahassee and filed a false complaint that client had placed a vehicle tracking device on Ms. Howard’s vehicle. Inv. McGregor served record requests on the various local law enforcement agencies in Tallahassee with negative results,” McGregor reported.

Howard’s nefarious activities didn’t end with the false police report.

Howard subsequently acted as an intermediary for an exchange of several thousand dollars that Dr. Hash was asked to give Howard’s friend, Heather Harrington, Texas.

“It was extortion,” Dr. Hash said, explaining that he gave the money to Harrington, via Howard, at Howard’s office at the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

The bizarre case involves multiple actors that all targeted Dr. Hash and his son, Alec Hash; both of whom are/were plaintiffs in lawsuits against Florida law enforcement. 

Howard’s false report to law enforcement is not the first of its kind to be filed against the Hash family. 

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) is presently investigating allegations that Elizabeth Willis, a guardian ad litem, filed a false police report to have Dr. Hash’s son, Alec Hash, improperly classified as Missing and Endangered and placed in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database. 

Alec Hash’s name was subsequently removed after the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children ordered it be taken down. 

Captain Steve Harrelson, LCSO, is presently reviewing recordings and evidence that shows Willis contacted the LCSO and provided false information to meet missing person criteria for Alec Hash, after every other law enforcement agency she contacted, including the FBI, rejected her request.

The most recent discovery of false reporting to law enforcement against the Hash’s; this time by Howard; creates serious concerns due to her affiliation with FOX. 

Howard owns Ann Howard Media, a full service media agency that features the FOX NEWS logo on her website and Facebook page, and trumpets her relationship with the media giant.

Ann Howard and Joel Silver

“As a former member of the Capitol Press Corp, Ann Howard maintains strong ties with the media in the Capital City. If you have ever been ignored by the press in the past, those days are over. If it’s a press conference for a campaign, we’ll get the media to cover it,” Howard’s website says.

“Whatever your goal is, we can make it happen,” she says.

While media personality’s often convert media connections into an agency, McGregor’s report indicates Howard’s activities are not media related, but rather, covert and illegal.

According to McGregor, at some point there suddenly arose a connection between Howard and several people intimately close to Dr. Hash.

“A computer check on Ms. Harrington’s Facebook page showed, Ms. Harrington’s friend’s include Ms. Ann Howard, Client’s ex-wife Reschin Moore, Client’s ex-girlfriend Ms. Tammy Goss, and the local Tallahassee Police Department’s Victim Witness Advocate, Melanie Tudor,” McGregor reported.

The presence of Melanie Tudor, TPD, is problematic, because the TPD is the subject of a lawsuit by Alec Hash. Records show Tudor has been in contact with nearly every single person involved in harassing, accusing, terrorizing, and/or stalking the Hash family.

“Based on previous checks of Tallahassee Police Dept., the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Inv. McGregor could find no relative link or reasoning that the aforementioned individuals should have any connection other than one common link, that being the client, McGregor reported.

Ann Howard was contacted for comment but has not responded.

Joel Silver (co-host – Live in Tallahassee) was contacted for comment but has not responded.

FOX 49 was contacted for comment but has not responded.

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