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June 19, 2014

Exposed! Leon County Court concealed public court records in Alec Thomas Hash case

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Public files regarding Alec Thomas Hash, held and maintained by Leon County Courts, have been withheld from the public and media for over a year and a half; in violation of Florida state law.

Files that should have been public were suddenly released on June 17, 2014; an event that occurred shortly after Hash obtained high-end attorney Steven Andrews.

It appears the records were released by Judge Karen Gievers at the same time a conference hearing was scheduled regarding the Hash case.

This development is only the latest in what appears to be organized criminal activity within the Leon County judicial system by someone acting to avoid detection, exposure, and prosecution for the attempted human trafficking of Hash.

Hash is a plaintiff/witness in two major lawsuits against the government in Florida and has been in hiding after Gievers acted outside of her jurisdiction to issue a juvenile pick-up order for the emancipated married adult.

It is believed Hash’s physical person is being sought for purposes of witness intimidation and tampering.


Hash has appeared before Judge Karen Gievers under two separate court file numbers. One file was for ‘Family Court’ and the other for ‘Dependency Court’.

Under Florida law Dependency Court files are kept sealed. In November of 2012, the Dependency Court file regarding Hash was closed by Gievers.

However – Gievers continues to file Family Court documents using the Dependency Court number. By (improperly) using a Dependency Court code/file number, the file was automatically kept from the public view.


While the illegal concealment of public documents is a critical issue; it appears that is only the tip of the ice-berg and corruption is taking place almost everywhere you look. 

On June 9, 2014, Steven Andrews, an attorney recently hired by Hash, filed a motion with the Leon County Court (Judge Gievers) requesting the Court confirm Hash’s emancipation and withdraw all outstanding pick-up orders.

On June 10, Michael Dolce, an attorney that once represented Hash, filed a motion in response to Andrew’s motion. Dolce, who had not been properly representing his client’s wishes, had been terminated by Hash, and long since removed from the case.

In Dolce’s motion, he requested the Court strike all filing made by Andrews and stated that Andrews is “alleging acting on behalf of Alec Hash”.

Dolce is acting in direct contradiction to what is former client is seeking, which is why he was fired in the first place.

Dolce’s motion effectively requests Judge Gievers issue an order declaring he (Dolce) is still Hash’s lawyer – despite Hash having fired him.

Many question Dolce’s actions and believe he has now subjected himself to a major lawsuit.


The mental stability of Gievers is being challenged based upon official actions he has taken from the bench.

On May 9, 2014, Gievers issued a court order using the Dependency Court number (which effectively kept the file from public view). Not only did she file the order on a closed file; she issued a court order based upon an imaginary court hearing she perceived to have taken place because somebody came in and (allegedly) spoke to the Court Clerk.

Gievers wrote the following:

“This CAUSE came before the Court on an inquiry from the Clerk’s office on the status of two still extant pick-up orders relating to the minor child Alec Hash. Upon reflection, given that no attorney for any party filed any motion requesting that the motion of the pick-up orders be addressed, and being otherwise being fully advised in the premises, it is hereby ORDERED that the Court makes no ruling at this time, and the status quo shall remain, [ending further order of the Court. Done and ORDERED this 9th Day of May, 2014, in Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida”.

The phantom court hearing was not scheduled; contained no names of witnesses; no records or transcriptions of sworn statements; nor did it follow or adhere to any other rules of procedure.

Sources within the Florida legal community say Gievers is so completely out of touch with reality she perceives herself to be a judge over discussions taking place in hallways, bathrooms, and the town square. 

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