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April 16, 2014

Alec Hash recognized 'abduction team' shortly before he fled

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Alec Hash, 17, suddenly realized he was going to be kidnapped shortly before he fled Florida in May of 2013.  

Although a missing person poster has been published by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, creating an ominous impression, court documents and medical files reveal Hash had a prophetic revelation shortly before he got into his car and quickly fled the State. 

He was going to be kidnapped.

Alec Hash’s father, Dr. Mark Hash, is presently the Plaintiff in a lawsuit against the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) and Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

Medical records, including a Safety Assessment Report filed with the court by Dr. Carol E. Oseroff PhD, show Alec Hash expressed his fears regarding the stalking and oppression he was enduring.

Dr. Armin Friedli, M.D. saw Hash on February 4, 2013. The observations of Dr. Friedli and others make very clear the child (Alec Hash) needed to be kept away from his mother, Reschin Moore.

Only a few weeks after Hash met with Dr. Friedli, at a hearing in Leon County, Florida, the phenomena of suddenly seeing a profound reality in slow motion occurred when Hash suddenly recognized what was happening.

He was going to be kidnapped.

Swimming in a sea of adults and authority figures, that for years had guided his actions and arranged his calendar, the sixteen year-old (at the time) Eagle Scout separated those orbiting him, into two groups.

Through contrast and comparison the young man began to put it together.

One group was comprised of respected medical professionals, familiar and actively working with him in a trusting and confidential environment he was comfortable with; the other group was comprised of wannabe para-professionals, gay-activists, trashy advocates, rogue police officers, and Facebook groupies.

On February 14, 2013, Dr. Friedli issued a letter of concern to Elliot Glass, child protective investigator, Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF). The letter focused on the safety and well being of his patient, Alec Hash, 16.

Dr. Friedli stated; in part:

“I last saw Alec on February 4, 2013. I have testified in court and presented written support for my concerns of the abuse that has occurred from his birth mother, Reschin Hash.

It has now become detrimental to my patients emotional, physical, academic, and social progress due to the repeated attempts of his birth mother to make contact with Alec and to try to re-unify their relationship against the recommendations of the treatment team.

Unfortunately the repeated attempts of his birth mother to interfere with the therapeutic process of`Alec has become detrimental to his treatment. I have also consulted Dr. Nitin Patel M.D. Board Certified Psychiatrist and Board Certified Forensic Psychiatrist concerning the impact on my patient and his treatment who agrees with my recommendations.”

Alec Hash’s mother, Reschin Moore, had effectively forfeited her parental rights over the years due to well documented, untreated mental health issues, which included a dangerous impulse to pull guns and threaten to shoot people. Moore’s history of psychosis and mental health problems are extensive, undisputed, and fill a decade of court folders.

According to Dr. Friedli, his patient (Alec Hash) was suffering from the simple thought or idea of being around his mother.

Albeit Hash has anxiety about his mother, documents show his fears are not based strictly upon childhood memories involving that period of his life. Rather, the fact Hash suffered from anxiety and stress, year after year, was the result of a living environment that was being manipulated by outsiders that were targeting his father.

Alec Hash

Hash was being perpetually traumatized by quasi mercenary types that had infiltrated his family and life – the same individuals he was later able to mentally assemble into a single group.

The boy’s life has been a bizarre odyssey and rolling nightmare.

Alec Hash knew he was being stalked by individuals targeting his father.

“Alec is smart. He’s an honor student. He’d be Eagle Scout if he could come back to Florida and test. He knew what was coming. He saw what they were doing. He figured it out,” Dr. Hash said.

It makes sense.

In November of 2011, Alec Hash, a young boy, answered the door to a man that told him he was going to shoot into the property and poison his dog. The man ominously told the boy that his dad would know what he was talking about. The man was later identified, and believed by some to be a neighbor, Mark Peavey, a former sergeant with the TPD.

On another occasion, the boy was at camp when it was ruined by the news his father had been arrested. In fact - his father has been arrested and charged three times, and every time, the charges were dropped.

During an interview, Alec Hash told Dr. Oseroff, that an anonymous caller telephoned the hospital where his father worked and claimed his dad was in the parking garage with a gun.

Leon County Sheriff's Office squad car parked ominously outside the home of Dr.Mark Hash (the car is seen at the rear of the photo)

On one occasion a photo was taken of a police car parked ominously outside the Hash home.

While much of the harassment was targeted directly at his father, there is also evidence of sick and disturbing mind games being played by court officials in position of authority.

In an affidavit, Alec Hash recounts a disturbing statement made to him by the court-appointed Guardian ad Litem during a court hearing.

“At the February 22, 2013, hearing Guardian ad Litem Bib Willis, who was sitting on my right, leaned over to me and said ‘you’re mother is so beautiful’. My dad who was sitting on my left leaned over to Ms. Willis and said ‘she’s not so beautiful when she’s pulling guns on me and the boys.’ Ms Willis replied ‘I know but she‘s so beautiful.’”

Considering the fear and anxiety Alec Hash is reported by doctors to experience regarding his mother, one can only imagine how he felt when the State’s guardian ad litem was gushing over his abuser with a junior high mentality and lingo. 

On May 9, 2013 Alec Hash fled Florida to become married in Missouri. He then returned but soon thereafter he fled Florida for good. In February of 2014 he was legally emancipated by a judge in Georgia.

Judge Karen Gievers, a gay-rights activist judge, ordered Alec Hash’s father to be put in jail, until his son Alec Hash ‘turned himself in.’ Reacting to emergency motions, the District Court of Appeals overturned Gievers’ illegal arrest warrants on two occasions. 

The Judge then set her sights on Alec Hash, himself. On October 28, 2013, Gievers issued an Order to Show Cause to hold Alec Hash in contempt of court for fleeing.

The child victim was now being treated like a wanted criminal.

Despite Alec Hash’s doctor, psychologist, and therapists, strongly advising he not be around his deeply disturbed mother, Gievers ordered exactly that. 

On November 5, 2013, Gievers entered an order that said, “The Court now grants the Petitioner/Former Wife Reschin Moore sole and exclusive parenting time (custody) over the child Alec Hash. Any previous court orders which limits the Petitioner/Former Wife’s parental responsibility or parenting of the minor child are hereby set aside and vacated.”

Gievers stated in her court order that Dr. Hash was an abusive man and had essentially fooled and brainwashed everybody around him; thereby manipulating multiple courts in different states for a decade.

Documentation chronicling the charade that Alec Hash was forced to endure for years, relegates the bizarre and inexcusable findings of Gievers to little more than an act of judicial fiction.  

My son Alec was a tormented child that always afraid of what was going happen next. My son was surrounded by parasites, racists, and activists working inside the legal system. He ran because he is smart, Dr. Hash said.

It would seem so.

In an affidavit submitted to the Court, a friend of Dr. Hash named Leslie Schmitt, details how she assisted in an effort to obtain proof that his ex-wife, Moore, was colluding with TPD victim’s advocate, Melanie Tudor, to criminally stalk his family. Schmitt created a fake account on Facebook, pretending to be an ex-girlfriend of Dr. Hash, which soon resulted in communications between her, Moore, and Tudor.

Schmitt’s affidavit provides a brief glimpse into the real life of Alec Hash.

“Ms. Tudor (City of Tallahassee/TPD) said it was obvious to her any everyone that Ms. Moore and the children were the victims, so she was helping Ms. Moore get the custody she deserved,” Schmitt said.

 “Ms. Moore urged me to call Dr. Hash from a pre-pay telephone at three or four a.m. in order to annoy him, keep him awake, and increase his stress level,” Schmitt said.

“Ms. Tudor told me she had people keeping tabs on Dr. Hash. She said she knew everything about him: Where he lived, where their children went to school, when and where he worked, what cars he drove, what he was writing on the internet, and even that he was dating a petite, brunette, “ethnic” woman who owns a shop off of Thomasville Highway,” Schmitt said.

“This is a corruption case and needs t be investigated by the FBI,” Dr. Hash said.

Alec Hash remains in hiding.

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