BOB ENYART’S WRITTEN PLOT TO OVERTHROW THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT announces a dramatic plan underway to take America back. God has helped us devise brilliant strategy to battle the enemy. And as imprisonment in the Bible often led to victory, so the attack on my ministry will bring the Gospel, and our battle plan, to far more people than I've ever reached before. (For example, ABC's "Politically Incorrect" has booked me as a guest for June 15th 1999-possibly the 16th). It is now time to present the ShadowGov strategy to you. As you read, keep in mind that America's moral decline means hurt, calamity and even eternity in hell for millions. Our grandchildren will be among the wounded. Further, America preaches the Gospel to the world, and as America falls, billions may not hear the salvation message (Rom. 10:14 15). Also remember that many Christian leaders helped usher in this post-Christian era by their lack of Bible understanding. (Their absolute prohibition against judging exposes their shallow Bible knowledge.) Thus the Christian masses have traded godly wisdom for mindless cliches. So what can we do about this colossal disaster? What is needed? What can be done? Brace yourself. Rescuing a country, reviving the church, restoring the family, and redeeming souls all depend on one factor - rightly acting upon God's Word. Solomon said that when the righteous govern the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule the people mourn (Prov. 27:2) All but the fool should desire godly leaders [1 Tim 2:1-3]. But the wicked do rule. And evil spreads. What can we do? What we need is the unthinkable: the rebirth of America. Christians must rule America or be forced underground. For "when the wicked arise, men hide themselves" (Prov. 28:28).

Christian families hide their form of discipline, even from their neighbors.

Some pastors are refusing to incorporate their churches.

Fear moves the most worried to refuse Social Security numbers for their kids.

Millions of kids are taught at home to protect them from government schools.

Thousands of home school parents will not even register with their school district.

Sodomites have come out of the closet and Christians are ducking for cover.

Where is this trend headed? Consider the move to silence anti-homosexual speech. Unless we reverse course, it will become a hate-crime to teach your child biblical morality. The media, universities, and the government support China's one-child policy with its forced abortion and infanticide. Where might that lead at home? At the same time Christians feel politically defeated. What is needed? Our Christian leaders have hoped to tweak the system to slow our decline. Achieving such a goal still leads eventually to the end of religious freedom for Christians. Again, what is needed? Christians must rule America. If we don't win true freedom for all, then our way of life will be destroyed. But how do we win. How do we accomplish the "impossible?" With God? Yes. But that does not mean God will do it alone, but that we must do it "with God."

The Lord never attributed Israel's nation misery to his hopes and dreams for them, but to their foolishness and sinfulness. With David, God delivered the nation. But with Jereboem, He let her suffer. God chooses to use men. With courageous men not ashamed of Him, He can, and has changed the course of history. So what do we do, if we want God to use us to take over our nation? Do we just sit and pray? Or do we pray and prepare? Moses and David were trained, for years, to prepare for their roles, as were, in different ways, George Washington and David Ben-Gurion. Now, God has blessed our determined efforts to prepare for the rebirth of America. Our strategy is brilliant, encouraging, and manifestly workable.

From day one, a primary goal of our ministry has been to teach men to judge. Colorado's largest newspaper, reporting my recent incarceration, wrote that Enyart "arrived at the courthouse wearing a black T-shirt with his web page on the front and the words "Judge Rightly is not some guy's name" on the back. Hundreds of media outlets have reported those words, often by photos, to millions. Our office has distributed, and our web page has downloaded, ten thousand copies of the article by that name. A year ago we prayed our own Y2K prayer, that by the year 2,000, we would have exposed the fallacy that Christians should not judge. God is ahead of our schedule in answering this prayer as He has enlisted the media, in America and as far away as the BBC in London. Three times recently Rush Limbaugh and his callers have talked about our

God frequently commands us, as Jesus said, to "judge with righteous judgment" (John 7:24) and he praises those who judge rightly (Luke 7:43). On this rediscovered truth we have built our strategy to redeem America. In the Bible we have discovered the secret weapon that will give us great victory. I am not joking, or exaggerating, or getting mystical. I am dead serious.

NOW WE ARE MOVING from teaching men to judge to actually appointing them as Judges! By training men to actually be judges, we are launching a startling plan. Here is how it works:

Through we are building a parallel government. This government is operating on the Internet. Initially we are training and appointing only judges. NEXT we will appoint mayors, governors and ambassadors. We are looking to God to help us create a fully functional government on the web. Our judges will decide real-life criminal and civil cases drawn from the existing court system. We will put their verdicts and sentences on the net for all to see.

For the first time ever, a government will have daily competition. People will be able to compare those in robes to the Christians on the Internet. Throughout history, empires and nations have collapsed from the weight of their own wickedness. At that point, some other group fills the vacuum and begins governing. We pray that America never utterly falls, but we are not blind to her direction. "When the wicked are multiplied, transgression increases; but the righteous will see their fall" (Prov. 29:16) If America's government eventually destroys itself, as evil entities do, we Christians must be there, ready to pick up the pieces.

"When the wicked arise, men hide themselves; but when they perish, the righteous increase" (Prov. 28:28). In the political confusion that occurs at the fall of a nation, the most unlikely events become possible.

Be prepared. Many groups, most evil, covet control of our nation. Hollywood, democrats, homosexuals, and abortionists, for example, would work together to impose their agenda, even though it was their ideas that destroyed the country. A desperate power struggle would ensue. Who would win: the good guys or the bad guys?

The bad guys, just like the communist revolutionaries, have a tactical advantage because they fight with no rules. To overcome their upper hand without sinking to their level, we must be ready to outmaneuver and overwhelm them. With a functioning government in cyberspace, already in place, we will be able to outmaneuver them. With trained judges in America's top 100 cities and in every county in the country (one of our first goals), we will overwhelm the opposition. Be prepared.

Over 25 years of careful Bible study has enabled us to develop the legal infrastructure for a new America. We have a new criminal code. A few pages of laws, simple enough for a child to understand, replace literally millions of laws, rules, and regulations. Liberals prove themselves unable to provide justice for Christians, so we will have to provide it for ourselves and for them.

Countless times through history men have dreamed of taking over the government. Most failed, many succeeded. Almost all focused their plans and efforts on how to gain power. They left to a later time the worry about what to do if they succeeded. As a result, power changed hands thousands of times, with each new leadership failing in turn. Consider this new strategy for saving a nation. Reverse the priorities. Instead of focusing on how to get control, we Christians can focus on how to run a godly government. Prepare to rule the nation. We can work on what to do after believers gain authority. So we are in the process of training men across America to govern. Preparation! Most of the battle lies in preparation. Eventually, when America self-destructs from her own wickedness, we will have thousands of Christians already trained, already appointed, already in place, all ready! Already governing.

I am calling men who understand the spiritual battle we face. We fight this war not with weapons of steel, but with words, ideas, with Truth. Those familiar with Bob Enyart Live! can see we've designed all our teaching materials to work together toward the rebirth of our country. Our efforts to date have led to this very project. has been in the works for a long time. All the tools we've produced help teach a man how to direct his heart, lead his family, run his church, and govern his land.

For years we've promoted our 100 Day Plan video teaching thousands what a Christian government should do when it takes office. Our novel, The First Five Days: The Rebirth of America, raved about by readers everywhere, explores not only what we will do, but predicts our enemies moves, and our counters. But our plans must not spring from error. So these ideas rest on rock-solid Bible teachings. Our video on the New Testament Support for Capital Punishment has convinced a multitude of the vital necessity of the death penalty. As God says, we must not profane him, "by keeping people alive who should not live." We've given many seminars from coast to coast, now available on tape, on God's Criminal Justice System. Many do not even give God the courtesy of finding out what He has written on public policy issues. Even many conservative leaders have dismissed God's ideas flat out. We rectify that. God's tried and true ideas work. Liberal alternatives fail. We have the answer for our hurting world. What should keep us from implementing it?

God does not want governments today to behave exactly as he commanded Israel to act. Discerning the Lord's eternal principles of governance requires a simple, yet determined effort. Giving men the help to do just that, our best-selling Bible overview manuscript, The Plot, presents Scriptures big picture. The Tree seminar tapes provide the vital link showing how to apply God's truth to your own life, and how to allow God's righteousness to flow in your daily life. Even our tape album on Predestination vs. Free Will gives God's perspective and the motivation from which we should act. Even more fundamental than all this is our creation/evolution videos (Confronting an Atheist; Debating a Scientist; Mt. St. Helens) and, to save the last, our Mount Moriah video on the evidence for Christ's resurrection. Our ongoing Monthly Bible Studies, some that will now be held in jail and recorded over a phone line, provide encouragement for the daily battle. Everything we've done so far, assembling tools that work together, is to equip men to fight the good fight. Perhaps a difference between us and other ministries is that we fight to win; for to lose means the destruction of this and the next generation. The lives of those children not yet born, including my own are at stake, so I will fight.

God has burned this hope into our hearts - the rebirth of America. For without at dream, without hope, without a vision, the people perish. But what if we cannot achieve this goal, if we cannot realize this hope? Over the centuries, the blessed hope that Christ might soon return did not harm, but edified. We should live to hasten the coming of the Lord (2 Pet. 3:12) and to establish "the land by justice" (Prov. 29:4). For the "governing authorities" are to be "God's minister... for good" (Rom. 13:4). To those ends, our death penalty video and criminal justice tapes have helped bring many to the Lord. And believers have almost unainimously testified that these teachings help them share the Gospel.

Training men to judge teaches them to honor God. "To do justice and judgment is more acceptable than sacrifice" (KJV Prov. 21:3) appoints Judges, and they immediately begin to DO JUSTICE and then that learned godliness can find expression in their daily lives. Our parallel government is an advanced form of discipleship. works like fantasy football. But instead of coaching a team, you run a country. Instead of paying a sign-up-fee, you are taxed, yes taxed - $20 dollars per month because it takes revenue to operate a government, even on the Internet. For your ongoing training as a judge, we will mail you materials regularly; audio and videotapes, literature, and you'll get a ShadowGov T-shirt. We test your ability to weigh the evidence against the accused and to decide the right charge, verdict, and sentence. If you score well on five training cases, you will be appointed as a Judge for your town or a nearby city. We'll put one case each month on your docket, and you can choose to take two other cases to trial monthly, with the evidence gathered from news reports from within your jurisdiction. We will post and grade your decisions. I encourage you to sign up now on the net at, or by calling 1-800-8Enyart. For those not on the Internet, we will mail your cases, and you mail us your verdicts. Our staff will type your decisions and upload them to ShadowGov for others to read. After the initial training (10 hours worth) expect to spend about 20 minutes a week on your role in our parallel government. (Ladies, weonly appoint men as judges. Please pray for them.)

So men, please step forward and become a Judge. I encourage anyone who cannot join now to order our materials for your own growth and to help fund America's other government. (Also, you can sponsor someone else as a judge or become an associate member).

Please don't give up! Help me fight with this brilliant new strategy. Ask the Lord for wisdom, courage, boldness, and perseverance. These steps are so small, and the potential so great! Join ShadowGov Now!

Do Right, and Risk the Consequences!

Bob Enyart

P.S. To anyone who signs up to become a Judge, or who starts receiving our monthly Bible studies, we will give you my jailhouse tapes free. ShadowGov lives in cyberspace for the education and entertainment of its participants. The judgments and outcomes of trials do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the web hosting company of this page. ShadowGov is unalterably opposed to any form of violent overthrow of the government and vigilantism.

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