Officer body-cam battle underway in North Dakota; journalist fighting for 911 and video of man shot in front of emergency room  

Investigating journalist threatened with kidnapping of grandchild 

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on February 5, 2016 at 10:53 P.M.

Timothy Charles Holmseth is attempting to obtain all the public records regarding the shooting of an unarmed man that was shot three times in the head in the parking lot of a hospital in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Holmseth believes the records will blow the lid off a major cover-up.

The shooting of David James Elliott captured headlines in 2015 when law enforcement broke from protocol for two and half days – refusing to tell the media anything about the shooting of a man that was desperately trying to reach the Emergency Room at Altru Hospital.

Holmseth, an investigative journalist, became suspicious when Bob Rost, the sheriff of Grand Forks County, blatantly lied to news reporters about the whereabouts of two of his deputies on the night Elliott was hunted down and shot.

Rost told news reporters that his deputies became involved in the pursuit of Elliott inside the Grand Forks city limits. It was soon discovered Rost’s deputies and a North Dakota State Trooper had been following Elliott down the interstate with no emergency lights activated – far from the City of Grand Forks.

As information trickled out it became more and more suspicious.

It was revealed that shortly after the original pursuit of Elliott began that he (Elliott) called 911. Law enforcement has kept the details of the entire night a secret by not releasing the 911 calls or officer body-cam evidence.

Affidavits from the Grand Forks Police Department and Grand Forks Sheriff’s Office reveal a critical discrepancy that holds a major clue to what was going on. The GFPD made it clear they ceased their ‘initial’ pursuit of Elliot BEFORE Grand Forks deputies set out spike-strips for him.

However – the Affidavit supplied by the Grand Forks Sheriff’s Office makes no mention whatsoever of sheriff’s deputies ever laying out spike –strips for Elliot (much less who did it or where).

The GFPD was clearly attempting to distance themselves from certain activities of the Sheriff’s Office on the night in question.  

The Grand Forks Police Department is presently attempting to hinder Holmseth’s public records request by making the acquisition of the records nearly financially impossible.

READ Holmseth's letter to GFPD Chief of Police Mark Nelson.

GFPD Chief Mark Nelson

The battle for the records is complicated by the fact the GFPD, and neighboring police in East Grand Forks, Minnesota, refuse to investigate the persons threatening Holmseth with mutilation and death if he doesn’t remove all of his publication from the Web.

Holmseth has also been told his grandchild may be kidnapped if he doesn’t remove all of his websites.

In an even more bizarre twist – Holmseth has been contacted and told the group threatening him is the same organization that murdered Teresa Halbach and framed Steven Avery – an even made widely known by the Netflix series ‘Making a Murder’.

Timothy Holmseth has set up a GoFundMe account to acquire the records for publication.

Holmseth produced a video for the GoFundMe account.



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