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May 19, 2014

'Bush vs. Gore' attorney involved in State-sponsored kidnapping plot

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Thirteen years after the historic 2000 presidential election and recount debate in Florida that led to the United States Supreme Court landmark case of Bush vs. Gore – the attorney that represented the Florida Democratic Party, and contributed to the Joint Brief submitted to the Florida Supreme Court against Secretary of State Katherine Harris- is again in the news.

And again - as was the case in Bush vs. Gore - it involves very controversial interpretation of law. However - this matter is not dividing the nation - because nobody is siding with the Judge.

Judge Karen Gievers

Karen Gievers, a judge in Florida’s second judicial circuit, has come under intense scrutiny after becoming tangled up in the attempted State-sponsored kidnapping of Alec Thomas Hash, 16, Georgia.

Hash, (now) 17, infuriated Gievers in May of 2013 when he strategically escaped her jurisdiction by getting married in Missouri - thus becoming emancipated.

The sudden flight was justified.

Hash became terrified after Gievers ordered a custody change that placed him in the physical custody of his mother, Reschin Moore, who had lost physical custody of Hash and his older brother over a decade prior.

Gievers' actions regarding the custody change are considered extremely suspicious.

Moore lost custody because she has an extensive history of hospitalization for mental issues, struggles with psychosis, married a convicted felon shortly before he (the felon) checked himself into prison to serve a six year sentence, and has a documented history of pulling loaded hand-guns on her family.

In an Order dated May 22, 2013, Gievers declared Hash’s marriage, which was performed in Missouri on May 9, 2013, invalid and not recognized by the State of Florida.

“The Missouri marriage of 16 year-old Alec and his fifteen year-old step-sister (DOB 04/30/98) is a sham, entered into for improper reasons and is not recognized or recognizable in Florida as against public policy and inconsistent with public policy,” Gievers declared.

The custody change from Dr. Mark Hash (Alec Hash's father) to Moore was ordered by Gievers six months after Alec Hash had gotten married.

Gievers then issued an emergency pick-up order for Alec Hash with instructions for him to be incarcerated.  However - the marriage was in fact valid and is entirely consistent with Florida public policy.

Alec Hash was formally emancipated in February of 2014 by Honorable Randall Chew in Georgia, who ratified the marriage, making it official as of May 9, 2013. On May 12, 2014, Alec Hash's wife also received an order from a judge confirming her emancipation.

Every organization and agency that was sucked into Gievers' debacle has abandoned the notion that Alec Hash is a fugitive of the law and should be taken into legal custody.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Leon County Sheriff’s Office, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and all other agencies that had been searching for Alec Hash as a ‘Missing Person’ conceded he is legally emancipated and resides out of state. 

Alec Hash’s missing person posters have been removed from the Web.

Because of criminal intent and extensive ulterior motives that appear to be in place, Gievers’ actions regarding Alec Hash are being described as an attempt to commit human trafficking.

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