Was the David James Elliot shooting premeditated attempted murder?

Bureau of Criminal Investigation probing ‘hit’ by rogue police?  

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on March 22, 2015 at 1:50 A.M.

Is the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation’s inquiry into the facts and circumstances surrounding the shooting of David James Elliot, actually an investigation of conspiracy to commit murder?

Are the suspects police officers?

David Elliot is commonly referred to as the man that led law enforcement on two high-speed chases that ended in the Altru hospital parking lot in Grand Forks where he was shot by a UND police officer.

Yet – to this day, he has not been charged with a crime.

There might be a reason for that.

There is a gaping hole in the official timeline given to the public by law enforcement, which indicates police cannot explain how, or why, David Elliot became the focus of the ‘second pursuit’ that police spokesmen say began in a completely different county.

Simply put – there is no mention by police spokesmen of communications between law enforcement agencies between 10:40 p.m., February 27, to 12:45 a.m., February 28, 2015, as they coordinate to arrest David Elliot?

In fact, it appears that respective law enforcement agencies involved in the David Elliot pursuit(s) and shooting are all trying to distance themselves from events that took place during the time-window following the termination of the first pursuit; and before David Elliot re-entered the City of Grand Forks during the second pursuit.  

The GFPD, which was the first agency to come into contact with David Elliot, claims they terminated a high-speed chase in Grand Forks after it became un-safe.

Following that initial pursuit, the GFPD says they had nothing to do with David Elliot until they got a report regarding a suicidal subject (David Elliot). According to Lt. Dwight Love, GFPD, it was this report of a suicidal subject that brought the GFPD back into contact with David Elliot.

That means the GFPD is attempting to place a barrier between itself, and whatever occurred outside the jurisdiction of the City of Grand Forks, in the minutes following the first David Elliot pursuit.

Of course – there can be no legitimate reason for the GFPD to do that.

The GFPD’s first interaction with David Elliot began as result of a 911 call reporting a suspicious vehicle (David Elliot pick-up truck) at Wells Fargo bank at 10:40 p.m. on February 27, 2015.

Their story goes like this.

When GFPD officers responded to the 911 call, they observed the suspicious vehicle run a stop sign. When the officer attempted to stop the vehicle, the driver fled at speeds reaching 100 mph; the pursuit was cancelled by a supervisor for purposes of public safety.

Oddly - the GFPD was unable to explain to news reporters what the 911 caller thought was suspicious about the vehicle at Wells Fargo bank.  

Then - the GFPD says David Elliot ran a stop sign, and then chose to flee police at 100 mph instead of pulling over.  

However, research on David Elliot’s background showed he had no meaningful criminal record, whatsoever.

The logical question then becomes; was David Elliot attempting to avoid a traffic ticket?  


Did David Elliot flee because he knew he was going to be murdered?

Evidence shows the latter might be the case, because although David Elliot escaped the GFPD, he had not escaped the ‘fraternal order of the police’.

What does that mean?

It means the evidence shows that select members of four different law enforcement agencies appeared to have taken an ‘un-official’ and ‘un-documented’ interest in David Elliot – and it appears David Elliot knew it (which ultimately saved his life).

The evidence of law enforcement’s ‘un-official’ and ‘un-documented’ interest in David Elliot is found in the second pursuit.

The second accounting of David Elliot’s vehicle on the night in question, finds it the focus of law enforcement in a different county (statement analysis and the fact pattern indicates the law enforcement agency was the North Dakota Highway Patrol (NDHP)).

Oddly - law enforcement will not state exactly what county or state David Elliot’s vehicle was in when the second pursuit began, and the NDHP did not attend any of the official press conferences.

REPORTER: “The circumstances of this chase. Where did it start; and why? And why did it end up here?”

UND POLICE CHIEF ERIC PLUMMER: “That’s part of the investigation – that part of the investigation is not even being conducted by my agency, so again I would refer that to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation.”

REPORTER: “Do you know the other counties? Was it Polk County?”

UND POLICE CHIEF ERIC PLUMMER: “I do not have that information”. 

Plummer is very likely lying.

Here’s why.

“It was initially initiated outside of our county, ended up coming within Grand Forks County, within the city and outside of the city, Plummer said.

The next accounting of the vehicle driven by David Elliot, following the initial pursuit in Grand Forks by the GFPD, finds it in rural Grand Forks County, where Grand Forks County deputies join the NDHP near Manvel, as they “follow” David Elliot down I-29.

However, Grand Forks County Sheriff Bob Rost lied about this fact at the first press conference.

REPORTER: “The Sheriff’s Department is here – I mean, were you in on this chase before it ever got to Grand Forks?”

SHERIFF BOB ROST: “A couple of my deputies. In town here, yes.

REPORTER: “You picked up on it when the chase was in Grand Forks?”


REPORTER: “Can you say what was he being pursued for?”

SHERIFF BOB ROST: “Actually, the BCI is putting all this together. They have not finished the investigation yet. And they have more to do today. So when that’s complete I’m sure you’ll get more details.” 

Rost was exposed as liar by Lt. Dwight Love, at a subsequent press conference.

“What happened outside of our jurisdiction I really don’t feel comfortable talking about. I do know that the Highway Patrol and Grand Forks Sheriff’s Department, they were involved in following this individual – I don’t know what the speeds were or the situation, but once it entered into the city of Grand Forks then our officers got involved,” Love said.

In yet another bizarre statement to the media, UND Police Chief Plummer claims the BCI is responsible for any criminal charges that may be brought against David Elliot.

REPORTER: Do you have any pending charges against Mr. Elliot?

ERIC PLUMMER: Again, that’s going to be handled through Bureau of Criminal Investigation – they are the leading agency on this so they will handle those charges.

Plummer is presumably suggesting that the BCI issues traffic tickets.

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