North Dakota and Minnesota police facilitating drug trafficking into Canada  

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on March 25, 2015 at 9:12 A.M.

Grand Forks, North Dakota and East Grand Forks, Minnesota is a hub for international drug trafficking between the Twin Cities and Winnipeg.

According to a whistleblower, members of law enforcement are facilitating the drug trafficking.

“This is a major area for running drugs.  It’s a breakout point where it goes to Minneapolis and Winnipeg. It’s a distribution area," the source said.

The information, much of which is already in the files of the FBI and DEA, may become part of a federal lawsuit.

Timothy Charles Holmseth, plaintiff, HOLMSETH V. CITY OF EAST GRAND FORKS ET AL, has requested a federal judge hear a Motion to allow the evidence.  

The case is being heard by the Honorable Donovan W. Frank.

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