Suspended GFPD officer involved in David Elliot shooting case has family background in law enforcement - police abuse

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on March 15, 2015 at 1:50 P.M.

The ranking Grand Forks Police Department (GFPD) officer placed on administrative following the police shooting of David James Elliot in the Altru parking lot hospital, has a family background in law enforcement.

Sgt. Mark Ellingson, GFPD, is related to Curt Ellingson, a former police officer with the East Grand Forks Police Department (EGFPD).

According to a whistleblower (hereby referred to as Edward), there was a disturbing pattern of horrendous violence, corruption, and abuse by Curt Ellingson.

Edward said he eye-witnessed Curt Ellingson beat a handcuffed prisoner at the East Grand Forks Police Department so savagely, he believed the man was going to die.

“[Curt Ellingson] takes his head – positions it – and smashes it on the brick wall like five times,” Edward said, describing the event he witnessed.

“You could hear it, just that sickening crack,” he said.

 “[Curt Ellingson then] pushed his nose up so it was flat on his face,” Edward said.

 “Then he takes his thumbs and put them right in his eyes – both of them – all [you could see] was the tops of his knuckles,” he said.

Edward said the beating of the prisoner occurred at several point in different rooms and was witnessed by multiple other officers.

Edward said Ellingson propped himself against the wall, so he could push on the prisoner’s chest and throat with his boots.

He said the handcuffed man’s eyes were rolling back into his head.

Edward said Rodney Hajicek, who is now the ranking officer at the EGFPD, witnessed the event. Hajicek is allegedly captured on audio tape admitting that he witnessed Curt Ellingson smash the prisoner head against the wall “four to five times” while adding “but I will deny it”.

Edward said that after the prisoner was beaten, one of the officers said ‘get rid of the video’.

Edward said it was commonly accepted that Curt Ellingson savagely beat prisoners and there was a "code of silence" by the police officers.

Edward said Curt Ellingson beat his wife, and even smashed his own son's head into concreate.

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