BOMBSHELL DOCUMENT: Police Chief secretly plotted to destroy police shooting video

  This is why people are starting to hate the police in America

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 13, 2016, 10:36 P.M. CST

Grand Forks Police Chief Mark Nelson is the poster child for why people across the United States are beginning to completely hate the police.

Grand Forks Police Chief Mark Nelson

An internal GFPD document obtained by Write Into Action shows Nelson diabolically planned to hide the truth behind the police shooting of an unarmed man.

On June 26, 2016, amidst a journalist's independant investigation into a police shooting, Nelson drafted a “Special Order” to change the retention dates of video evidence so his department could then 'legally' purge officer cam video from the system.

On July 11, 2016 GFPD contacted Write Into Action and cited the Special Order as the reason they would be destroying the files.

The abrupt advisement of the file purge came in the wake of an article Write Into Action published regarding the police shooting cases of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling. 

Write Into Action revealed to the public that North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) files showed that after (former) University of North Dakota police officer, Jerad Braaten, shot David James Elliott, an unarmed man, he threw his body cam under his squad car; his dash cam video completely disappeared.

Nelson is now attempting to cover-up federal crimes.

Timothy Charles Holmseth (Write Into Action) has submitted an Emergency Motion to the United States District Court – District of Minnesota – seeking an Injunction that would forbid the destruction of the evidence. 


On February 28, 2015, David James Elliott was shot multiple times in the head by a UND police officer in the Emergency Room parking lot of Altru Hospital in Grand Forks.

Law enforcement refused to talk to the media for almost three days after the shooting, which drew the ire of regional media. The North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation told news reporters the police were not being honest about why they would not talk to the media.

Write Into Action has acquired a plethora of evidence that shows the Elliott shooting was actually a premeditated (attempted) murder; possibly related to a transnational drug trafficking network running drugs through the University of North Dakota and surrounding regions.

The reason police refused to talk to the media may have been a waiting game being played out to see if Elliott would die. However, he survied and the police were eventually forced to talk.

Write Into Action has evidence that (former) UND police officer Jerad Braaten attempted to shoot David Elliott several minutes before the actual shooting; at a different location; but his gun jammed.

According to a person that identified himself as David James Elliott, Braaten tried to shoot Elliott atop the Columbia Road Bridge in Grand Forks where Elliott had his pick-up truck stopped and his arms out the window. 

Video of the alleged first shooting attempt may have been captured on video. However, it has been covered up by Nelson and the GFPD by redacting that segment of activity on the bridge.

Braaten allegedly lied to investigators about the first shooting attempt until confronted with a cartridge from his firearm found atop the bridge that had his fingerprints on it.

No video of the actual shooting has ever been released.

In video obtained by Write Into Action, a Grand Forks police officer that appears to have purposely covered his camera with his coat, captures audio of police officers screaming “show me your hands” at Elliott after he has already been shot.

The audio is a disturbing specter that is nothing short of insanity.

Here’s why.

Elliott had been shot multiple times in the head and is believed to be completely unconscious. According to a source, Elliott’s bleeding body fell out of his pick-up cab like a “sack of potatoes” where screaming officers repeatedly tazed him as they screamed “show me your hands”. 

The instinct of the officers to immediately create the illusion that Elliott posed a threat gives rise to concerns about the actual intent of the continued tazing of the man.

According to a source, two of David Elliott’s fingers were completely blown off as Braaten fired rounds at his head; where Elliott’s hand was holding his cell phone as he was talking to 911. Strangely - Elliott had been on 911 talking to a GFPD officer for 107 minutes. The public has never heard what was said during that strange call by a man that was refusing to stop for police as he tried to reach a hospital emergency room.

Braaten was reprimanded in writing by UND for his miscondcut regarding police cams.

And then it becomes off the charts blatant in your face corruption.

After viewing all the evidence and report from the BCI, Grand Forks States Attorney David Jones opined Braaten acted reasonably when he shot Elliott.

Jones' conclusion is plain and simple - IMPOSSIBLE.

Nelson later hired Braaten to the GFPD - OUTRAGEOUS.

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