Dru Sjodin style rape and murder will likely happen again

Pine to Prairie Task Force allowing CI’s to rape targeted females

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on May 7, 2015 at 12:20 A.M.

Dangerous serial rapists – no different than Alfonso Rodriquez – are presently on the loose and raping mentally ill drug addicts and alcoholics in Northwest Minnesota and Northeast North Dakota.

But they’re not being arrested or prosecuted.

According to a source, (hereby referred to as Michelle) sex offenders are being protected by the Minnesota Pine to Prairie Gang and Drug Task Force (Task Force).

Michelle said it is only a matter of time before another Dru Sjodin style rape and murder happens, because law enforcement had the same attitude toward the first victim of Alfonso Rodriquez;  the man that murdered Dru Sjodin.

“They knew back in the day when [Alfonso Rodriquez] originally first did his first rape – and I remember because I was in Crookston when that girl got raped – they knew how violent he was because the way he had raped her,” Michelle said.

Michelle said they didn’t prosecute Rodriquez to the fullest extent because his victim wasn’t important enough. “This girl that he had raped had problems – she had drug addiction - she was an alcoholic,” Michelle said.

Michelle said a man named Robert Smith has been working for the Task Force doing controlled buys. She said he is a serial rapist and has been accused of rape at least nine times.

“Because he’s working for the Task Force he’s free. He’s raped all these women. But he’s free because this task force has got him out there working,” Michelle said.

“There is five victims that I know in Crookston and East Grand alone that he has raped,” she said.

Michelle said law enforcement is covering up acts of dangerous criminals, such as Smith, because they are needed to testify at trial. “He’s been in three different drug cases that have just recently been brought to trial,” she said.

Write Into Action previously reported the Task Forces’ reckless indifference to a violent offender, Robert Guzman, who is now absconded and cannot be found.


Stalking and unnatural behavior toward a minor female has been previously reported regarding Aeisso Schrage, EGFPD/Task Force; Sgt. Chris Olson, EGFPD; and EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad.

Write Into Action has received information from students from the East Grand Forks High School that claim to have been harassed by Schrage.

Write Into Action is investigating claims from a Polk County insider that Scott A. Buhler, Assistant Polk County Attorney, was investigated by law enforcement in the Twin Cities for luring a minor on the Web, before coming to work for Polk County.

According to a Polk County insider, Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth is playing a role in the targeting of the females. The source says Widseth is/was not receiving the pay rate he desires and is allowing certain females that have become financial drags on the County to be terrorized.

Warren Strandell, Polk County Commission, refuses to explain where he and Aeisso Schrage obtained the Task Force statistics published in the Polk County Newsletter.

Greg Widseth was contacted for comment but had not responded by the time of this publication.

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