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August 19 , 2013

Grand Forks man threatens to kill author - intereferes with custody - not charged with assault

EGFPD nurtures culture of violence and threats against author

Timothy Charles Holmseth
320 17th Street N.W.
Unit #17
East Grand Forks, MN
218.230.1310 (cell)

August 19, 2013

Michael Hedlund
Chief of Police
East Grand Forks Police Department

Chief Hedlund,

Please accept this complaint.

On July 3, 2013 Michael Callahan, Grand Forks, North Dakota traveled to my residence and threatened to kill me.

Callahan advised me that I would be found with a “broken neck” if I filed a Motion to Modify Custody of my son, which I was drafting at the time.

Callahan used diabolical and insidious language to communicate my death would be an unsolved murder.

The entire gamut of terroristic threats was captured on audio by my daughter, who stood idly by during the conformation, and surreptitiously recorded Callahan.

A District Judge granted a restraining order to me against Callahan.

Your Department only charged Callahan with Disorderly Conduct – a Misdemeanor.

Your Department has an established pattern and practice of ignoring, failing to record, and failing to bring criminal charges against individuals that threaten to kill me, assault me, reverse blackmail me, and extort me.  

I reported death threats to Lt. Rodney Hajicek. I received the threats from the state of Florida. I was warned not to attend a court hearing in Broward County or I was a “fucking dead man”. I was told “REDACTED REDACTED’s Mob boys” would “disappear me”.

I provided Hajicek a sworn affidavit from William Eugene Staubs, Case Closed, Inc. Weston, Florida. Staubs is a licensed private investigator in the State of Florida. He swore that he eye-witnessed REDACTED REDACTED (convicted felon) brandish a Mini-14 Assault Carbine rifle and declare it was the gun that was going to kill “Timothy Holmseth”. Investigator Staubs stated REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED was present and laughing.

Hajicek made no record of my police report.

Hajicek subsequently took multiple police reports from the REDACTED’s, which were recorded in the record to be used against me.

I believe your Office is in violation of multiple federal laws and has nurtured an illegal culture that employs a pattern and practice of police intimidation, misconduct, and criminal activity.    

Timothy Charles Holmseth
Investigative Author

Cc: Mayor Lynn Stauss, Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth, Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman, EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad, Minneapolis FBI