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Federal lawsuit exposes Polk County Sheriff and East Grand Forks Police Department

Amber Alert of missing child HaLeigh Cummings deliberately neglected by police while local cabal keeping low profile during ‘Boardwalk Enterprises’ loan fraud scheme

July 20, 2014

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

When headline news of a loan fraud scandal surrounding a company called 'Boardwalk Enterprises' rocked the Grand Forks area in April of 2014, the public was stunned to learn elected leaders and government employees were engaged in such in-depth and on-going corruption.

But members of the Grand Cities and Polk County, Minnesota government had ben legally, ethically, morally, and spiritually bankrupt for years.

On July 17, 2014, Timothy Charles Holmseth filed a lawsuit against Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman, East Grand Forks City (EGF) Attorney Ronald Galstad, EGF Police Chief Michael Hedlund, EDHA Director James Richter (retired), as well as other law enforcement, elected officials, and government employees that violated his rights while clothed in the ‘color of law’.

The lawsuit reveals the disturbing lengths Sheriff Barb Erdman and others went to as they sought to keep local corruption and theft of government funds off the radar of state and federal authorities.

The introductory section of Holmseth's Complaint details the circumstances under which he first became known to local authorities; a situation directly related to a journalism story he was working regarding a missing child in Florida.

In June of 2009, the EGFPD began to receive telephone calls from various out of state individuals working for the mother of a missing child HaLeigh Cummings - a child for whom there was an active Amber Alert.

One caller, Donna Wagoner, was an employee of a Florida company called Xentel, Inc. Wagoner and the other callers were asking Lt. Detective Rodney Hajicek for special favors, which included a request that Hajicek telephone Holmseth on behalf of Xentel to advise him Xentel did not want Holmseth to write about their company – a favor Hajicek subsequently did for them.

Xentel is a Florida based company that has been sued by state agencies including State’s Attorney Generals in Ohio, Colorado, Iowa, Missouri, South Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Oregon for defrauding the public.

The ‘special favors’ soon changed from requests for ‘telephone calls’ to pressure Holmseth, to direct request for the EGFPD or Polk County law enforcement to charge Holmseth with a crime and arrest him.

The following is from Holmseth’s Complaint:

  1. On 07/09/09 Art Harris emailed Lt. Hajicek and asked him to consider “pressing charges” against Plaintiff. There was no stated reason or basis for ‘charges’ because Plaintiff was not breaking any laws whatsoever.


  1. On 07/10/09 Art Harris emailed Lt. Hajicek. “I’m in shock, but just heard the FBI actually paid a visit to the Web design firm in Florida that donated their time to the website for the missing child. Based on [Timothy Holmseth’s] absurd accusations he’s now almost gotten a 23 year employee (Donna Wagoner, Xentel, Inc) fired for sending the child’s photo on her company email to the pro bono web firm,” Harris said.SEE EXHIBIT D
Exhibit D
  1. On 07/18/09 Art Harris sent a follow-up email to Lt. Hajicek and asked, “What did your did DA say?”
  1. On 07/20/09, Lt. Hajicek stated in Case Number 09002015 “I have printed all the emails from my computer and will have the County Attorney’s office review them to see if any other action can be taken”. This statement by Hajicek demonstrates he was seeking to assist those complaining about Plaintiff and was actively helping them anyway he could. SEE EXHIBIT B

~ SUMMARY: During June and July of 2009 the EGFPD is suddenly bombarded with nuisance complaints from a handful of callers against Plaintiff, an award-winning journalist writing about a national profile missing child case involving an active Amber Alert. The callers are all associated with each other, and encouraging the EGFPD to take criminal legal action against Plaintiff for things he is writing, although Plaintiff is not committing any criminal acts. In July of 2009, the EGFPD and Polk County Attorney learn from one of the contacts that the FBI in Florida is acting on information they received from Plaintiff regarding the kidnapped child. The information the FBI is following in Florida, led directly to THREE of the individuals that were calling the EGFPD on Plaintiff. Despite this – the EGFPD DID NOT alert the FBI that their informant was being targeted – but rather - continued and intensified its aggression against Plaintiff – trying to shut Plaintiff up.

* * * * *

The above referenced email exchange, which was obtained by Holmseth through a document request to the Polk County Attorney’s office, demonstrates the EGFPD and Polk County Attorney’s Office were both aware Holmseth was assisting the FBI in July of 2009.

Despite the EGFPD and Polk County Sheriff's Office knowing Holmseth was assisting the FBI; the emails show the EGFPD was attempting to assist Art Harris and Xentel.

The following audio of Art Harris and William Staubs (a.k.a. Cobra) was captured in March of 2009. It shows the true nature of Art Harris and his involvement in the staged kidnapping of HaLeigh Cummings.

Art Harris w/ William Staubs
March, 2009
Art Harris w/ William Staubs
March, 2009

The photograph shown below was taken in March of 2009 at the Chili's restaurant in Palatka, Florida. Make special note of the names of the individuals in the photograph and the date it was taken.

Art Harris and the others

In May of 2009 ‘Cobra’ was arrested by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office in Florida and charged with ‘felony false imprisonment’ after revoking the bond of an accused child molester, Daniel Snodgrass, while Art Harris filmed him doing it. Harris then published the video on You Tube in effort to make the public believe that ‘Cobra’ had captured the ‘child molester’ that ‘raped and killed’ HaLeigh Cummings (a child they knew was actually alive and being hidden while they ran their scam).

It was all fake and contrived.

The Chili's photograph shown above was taken the day before the planned 'false arrest' of Daniel Snodgrass. William Staubs was working for Rev. Richard Grund (witness - Casey Anthony murder trial) and the group was using the fake kidnapping of HaLeigh to create the apperance HaLeigh was dead and they 'caught' the 'murderer' that had been running around Florida kidnapping and killing little girls.

They were trying to cover up for whoever killed Caylee Anthony.

The reason for the staging of HaLeigh's kidnapping was to cover for Rev. Richard Grund and his suspected involvement in the death of Caylee Anthony.

The caller(s) to the EGFPD in Minnesota had been questioned by law enforcement in Florida per law enforcement’s suspicion that select individuals had been transporting the missing child HaLeigh Cummings across state lines. One of the callers described the police interrogation to Holmseth during a recorded interview. 

One of the suspects questioned by law enforcement is in the Chili's photograph -Jeremiah Regan (son of the Undercover Pervert).

Holmseth subsequently became the perpetual victim of rights violations by the EGFPD and Polk County Sheriff’s Office that never ended. He was mercilessly stalked, harassed, threatened, and even assaulted.

In December of 2012, Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman, EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad, and EGF Police Chief Michael Hedlund, collectively sanctioned the illegal (warrant-less) search and destruction of Holmseth’s computer hard-drive as they became increasingly paranoid of Holmseth – an investigative journalist who was investigating local corruption.

In 2014 – only months after Holmseth reported various officials and employees to the FBI and Minnesota State Auditor – the City of EGF was audited and a massive government loan scandal known as ‘Boardwalk Enterprises” was exposed.

HaLeigh Cummings, who is known to have been in the physical custody of a serial child rapist named John Regan (The Undercover Pervert), remains classified as Missing and Endangered, because Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman, EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad, and EGF Police Chief Michael Hedlund chose to protect EDHA Director James Richter, Mayor Lynn Stauss, and a local criminal apparatus that had been stealing government flood relief money since at least 1999; they protected 'Boardwalk Enterprises' instead of contacting the FBI regarding Harris, Wagoner, and the others.


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