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March 29 , 2014

Florida Judge Karen Gievers accused of orchestrating elaborate deception    

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Did Florida Judge Karen Gievers oversee a mass deception that was strategically designed to allow the State of Florida to seize physical control of a teenage boy via sham court proceedings arranged for pre-determined outcomes?

Evidence suggests that she did – but the child, Alec Hash, 17, got away.

Alec Hash fled the state of Florida in 2013, and in February of 2014, he was emancipated by a Georgia judge. Despite his emancipation, the State of Florida, to this day, refuses to remove his name from the national system that has him declared “missing”.

Alec Hash is an honor student and (nearly an) Eagle Scout with no criminal record. However, the State of Florida wants him in their custody. What the State of Florida would do with an emancipated married man from Georgia is not readily known.

The significance of Alec Hash, and the State of Florida’s bizarre interest in him, is tied to the identity and legal on-goings of his father, Dr. Mark Hash.

Alec Hash

Dr. Hash is a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and his attorney notified the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) of his intent to sue.

According to Dr. Hash, he possesses proof that public officials, including states attorneys, obtained amphetamines by fraud on his DEA license without his knowledge.

Dr. Hash’s knowledge of public officials engaging in fraud involving drugs is so volatile that on one occasion, during an interview with a states attorney, he reported a crime, only to find out from the interviewer, that he had just reported the interviewer’s boss – another states attorney.

Dr. Hash has been arrested and jailed four times; each time the charges were dropped, or his release was ordered by a higher court.

It has been amidst this activity involving Dr. Hash, that a victim’s advocate, Melanie Tudor, employed by the City of Tallahassee, involved herself with Dr. Hash’s ex-wife, Reschin Moore, who then re-opened the closed custody file between herself and Hash.  

The ten year-old case was suddenly energized with accusations that Dr. Hash had been brainwashing the children and alienating their two sons from their mother.

On January 5, 2013, Dr. Carol E. Oseroff PhD, ABPP, submitted the results of a forensic investigation and Safety Assessment (SAR) she performed for the Court regarding Moore. The SAR had been ordered in the spring of 2012 by Judge George Reynolds based upon Moore’s dangerous history.  

Moore had lost custody rights to her two boys in 2003, due to mental health issues and extremely dangerous behavior that included pulling a gun, overdosing, and threatening to kill herself on multiple occasions.

Documents and records generated over the course of ten years consist of court orders, social worker statements, psychiatric reports, hospital records, therapy records, and open admissions that established Moore suffered from psychiatric issues.

“Ms. Moore stated, that on a couple of occasions, she did take a gun out to her landcruiser, got inside, and threatened to kill herself,” Dr. Oseroff stated.

Dr. Kay Colvin-Guthrie PhD, LMFT, provided counseling to Alec and Christopher Hash to alleviate their fears of their mother in advance of re-establishing parental contact. Dr. Guthrie insisted it was not safe for the boys to resume contact with Moore. She eventually requested to be dismissed from the case and has never changed her opinion. Dr. Patrick Cook and Dr. Sandy Kerr concur with Dr. Guthrie.

Dr. Oseroff disagrees with Dr. Guthrie, Dr. Cook, and Dr. Kerr.

Dr. Oseroff presented an opinion to the Court that Moore posed no direct threat to her minor son, Alec Hash.

In her 75 page report, Dr. Oseroff clearly suggested Dr. Hash was responsible for the lingering feelings of fear and animosity the two boys had for their mother.

However, evidence exists within Dr. Oseroff’s very own findings, that she (Oseroff) contradicts herself when describing situations while characterizing Dr. Hash and Moore.

For instance, Dr. Oseroff stated that “with the exception of a few days in 2003, [Reschin Moore] never posed a threat to her children.”  Dr. Oseroff repeatedly suggested in her findings that Dr. Hash had exaggerated and embellished facts regarding Moore’s use of a gun.

“Although Christopher, Alec, Dr. Hash, and Dr. Kay Colvin-Guthrie report that Mrs. Moore ‘pulled guns’ on her children on numerous occasions before the June 27, 2003, incident, this information was never shared with the police, the DSS investigator, case manager, or Dr. Sciara, even though each member of the Hash family was interviewed several times in 2003,” Dr. Oseroff said. 

However – elsewhere in the Report - Dr. Oseroff reported, “Mrs. Moore stated, that on a couple of occasions, she did take a gun out to her landcruiser, got inside, and threatened to kill herself.”

Court file documents contain evidence Moore had a dangerous obsession with firearms at times. In March, 2003, Hugh Rutledge, social worker, noted in a psychiatric discharge, “[Reschin Moore] reports that she has had prior incidents of trying to get a gun to kill her self. She reports that relatives or her mother in law talked her out of doing this,” he said.

These statements demonstrate that Dr. Hash was being truthful when he said Moore had a history of pulling guns.

What appeared to be Oseroff whittling away of the facts may have been on-purpose.
In a court order dated October 3, 2013, Judge Gievers declared, “…the vast majority of incidents that supposedly caused the boys to fear their mother had not ever happened.”

“This is one of the most severe parental alienation cases seen by the Court; the inaccurate information about the mother rose to the level of Hash having essentially brainwashed the boys into thinking things had happened that had not happened,” Gievers said.

Judge Gievers referred to the recollections of Alec Hash as “fabricated memories”. He would later be described by Dr. Oseroff as possibly being “delusional”.

Judge Karen Gievers

Pointing to Dr. Oseroff’s report, Judge Gievers essentially reversed the weight given to all known facts, and declared ten years of documentation by judges in two different states, as well as esteemed professionals and experts, to be little more than fiction.

Dr. Hash was characterized by Judge Gievers as some kind of wizard that cast a spell on specialist and experts to achieve his diabolical agenda.

Judge Gievers essentially declared the diagnosed fears and deep hatred expressed by both boys toward their mother as not being commensurate to event(s) that occurred in 2003. The Judge determined the boys had been brainwashed by their father to hate and fear their mother.

However – a close examination of the entire process and SAR reveals a tremendous problem.

Dr. Oseroff states amidst her objectives: “From the documents provided, collateral sources, and Mrs. Moore’s perspective, what are the circumstances which led to Mrs. Moore’s distant relationship with Christopher and Alec.”

Dr. Oseroff does not dispute the boys openly express disdain for their mother. She simply believes the boys have been alienated over the years by their father.

But evidence strongly suggests Dr. Oseroff knows better.

During Dr. Oseroff’s forensic investigation, while interviewing Christopher Hash, and Alec Hash, she was introduced to a wealth of information that demonstrated the two boys had been terrorized and severely traumatized by years of stalking, threats, and non-stop harassment - by several key figures in the case - including the Tallahassee Police Department.

Alec Hash believes his mother is involved in the organized institutional stalking. “[My mother] would get the police to harass us. She would make all these false complaints to the police and they would go arrest my dad,” he told Dr. Oseroff.  

“[My mother] would get [Victim’s Advocate Melanie Tudor] and tell them [my father] was somewhere with a gun when he was at work. He was in a place with a gun when he was really at work,” Alec Hash told Dr. Oseroff.

Dr. Hash confirmed these incidents, and explained that non-stop harassment caused him to lose very good employment.

The fear the boy was experiencing was unmistakable. “And there was one incident where the local police came up to us and they told us they were going to kill our dogs because they keep them up at night,” Alec Hash told Dr. Oseroff.

“[My father] would get arrested … the nurses would have to pick us up because we were at camp.  And they would tell us [our father was in jail] because they would have to come pick us up.” Alec Hash told Dr. Oseroff.

Christopher Hash told Dr. Oseroff, “… they're trying to get us.  I just want her out of our life.”

Dr. Hash states that during a court hearing, Dr. Oseroff testified that the relationship between Moore and Tudor was appropriate – they were just friends. Dr. Oseroff opined that Alec Hash might be “delusional.”

Evidence strongly suggests Dr. Oseroff has a great deal of explaining to do.

“I took 12 binders of documents that reviewed my ex-wife's violent mental illness history and her conspiracy with Gray/Tudor.  I met with [Dr. Oseroff] for no more than 90 minutes then she cut off the interview. She refused to look at any documents or give me more time” Dr. Hash said.

“This is corruption, colored as a custody case,” Dr. Hash said.

Many questions exist that need answers.

Did the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) systematically terrorize a father and his young children after he initiated federal lawsuits against the FDLE and the TPD?  

Did a victim’s advocate employed by the City of Tallahassee use her position to re-open a closed custody file on the father, for the express purpose of terrorizing, stalking, and extorting him and his children through a change of custody action?

Did a psychologist working for the court deliberately withhold critical information from a court-ordered Safety Assessment Report?

Did a judge suspend reality to reverse ten years of court orders, psychiatric reports, hospital records, child protection reports, and admissions of a perpetrator, to diabolically reverse a child custody case and seize physical control of an innocent child?

Why do Florida authorities have a quiet manhunt underway for seventeen year-old Alec Hash?

This is a developing story.

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