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April 5, 2014

Florida Judge sitting atop the pyramid of a criminal extortion operation?     

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Dr. Mark Hash, Georgia, says an extortion ring that operates like a hive, is attempting to kidnap his son, Alec Hash.

The operation appears to be centralized in Leon County, Florida.

The rudiments of the operation, which can be used to rapidly deplete a person’s bank account and life savings, destroy a career, and/or discredit a witness against the state in pending lawsuits, are relatively easy to understand.

Using the power and authority of the State of Florida, the group institutionally kidnaps an innocent child. Institutional kidnapping is the use of government agencies and color of law to physically seize a citizen’s child to advance illegal objectives.

In this instance, the State of Florida attempted to institutionally kidnap Dr. Hash’s son, Alec Hash, 17.

The court-ordered abduction would still be classified as ‘attempted’ because Alec Hash fled the State to escape being the token child in the bogus custody action filed by his mother, Reschin Moore. Alec Hash became married in a state where marriage is legal. He subsequently became legally emancipated by a judge in Georgia.

Although Alec Hash has been emancipated and is a legally married adult, Karen Givers, the judge in Leon County, Florida that issued the emergency pick-up order (warrant) for Alec Hash, refuses to lift the Order or remove Alec’s name from the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).

In many instance of institutional kidnapping, the non-custodial parent is recruited into the scheme for the express purpose of filing a formal custody related motion to the Family Court. As direct result of this simple action, the corrupt judge has immediate authority over the custodial parent. 

Any motion initiated by the hive invariably includes accusations of child abuse and mental instability. As the scheme is played out, the custodial parent, over time, is extorted for hundreds of thousands of dollars by the participants of the hive – under authority of the Court.

The Court has the authority to order the custodial parent to pay the non-custodial parent’s attorney’s fees and expenses for specialists and experts, which reaches into the tens of thousands of dollars. The custodial parent must also pay his own attorney, private investigative services, and any other expenses or monetary losses such as lost work.

However, the custodial parent obtaining an attorney is ultimately an exercise in futility because the final result is already determined.

The apparatus of the standard extortion ring appears as follows:

Corrupt Judge (CJ): the CJ is the muscle of the entire scheme.

Corrupt Lawyer (CL): files the case and continues to initiate the perpetual fraud through various motions and requests to the CJ.

Non Custodial Parent (NCP): the NCP retains and authorizes the CL to initiate the custody action.

Guardian ad Litem (GAL): requested by the CL, and subsequently assigned to the case by the CJ, the GAL strategically and methodically discredits and dooms the CP with bogus observations regarding the child’s welfare; lies about facts and circumstances, and submits bogus reports to the Court in advance of the ultimate agenda.

Corrupt Psychologist (CP): requested by the CL and subsequently assigned to the case by the CJ, the CP performs a psychological assessment for the Court on the child and Parties. The CP makes bias and bogus mental health observations and findings regarding the safety of the child and mental health of the respective parents. The observations and findings of the CP will strategically resemble the observations of the GAL.

Victims Advocate (VA): the VA works closely with the NCP. As an employee of the government providing direct assistance to the police department, the VA uses his/her connections at the PD to terrorize and stalk the CP with impunity. The VA is a quasi ‘guide’ and/or ‘mentor’ to the NCP and can serve many purposes. Much of the dirty work is done by the VA.

Corrupt Law Enforcement (CLE): select members of CLE use the powers afforded to them as licensed police officers with law enforcement resources to stalk and terrorize and falsely arrest the CP.


  • Judge: Karen Gievers
  • Lawyer: James Banks
  • Lawyer: Christy Gray
  • Guardian ad Litem: Elizabeth Willis
  • Psychologist: Carol E. Oseroff PhD
  • Law Enforcement: Tallahassee Police Department (TPD)
  • Victims Advocate: Melanie Tudor, TPD
  • Non Custodial Parent: Clifford and Reschin Moore

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