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November 3 , 2014

Court documents: Florida psychologist covered up gun use by psychotic parent during court-ordered Safety Assessment

Dr. Carol Oseroff PhD placed the life of a minor child in grave danger

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

On June 28, 2012, Dr. Carol Oseroff Ph.D., ABPP was appointed by Florida Judge George Reynolds III to conduct a safety assessment regarding Reschin Moore, the mother of Alec Thomas Hash.

Moore had been ordered to have no contact with her two sons many years prior due to mental health issues, which included pulling guns.

Records show Dr. Oseroff falsely reported a critical date, which effectively changed the entire fact-pattern of Moore’s history of pulling guns.

Dr. Oseroff falsely reported to the Court that the North Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS) began an investigation of Moore on March 19, 2003.

Dr. Carol Oseroff PhD

“The first admission occurred on March 19, 2003 after Mrs. Moore overdosed…”

     -Pg. 4 – Safety Assessment Report / January 15, 2013

Documentation, which Dr. Oseroff possessed at the time of the safety assessment, contained the notes of a social worker that interviewed Reschin Moore on March 18, 2003 while she was in the Intensive Care Unit.

Dr. Oseroff moved the date of the social services investigation up by one day.

North Carolina DSS Social Worker Hugh Rutledge

“Prior to leaving Mrs. Hash Stated that she wanted to tell [Social Worker Hugh Rutledge] something. She then reports that she has had prior incidents of trying to get a gun to kill herself. She reports that relatives of her mother-in-law talked her out of doing this.”

     - March 18, 2003 / Interview in Intensive Care Unit Before Transfer to Psychiatric Floor

Documentation shows psychiatric providers were so concerned about Moore’s behavior it was recommended a “gun safe” be used to store all hand-guns in the home.

Dr. Oseroff’s fatal omission set the stage for what appears to be a near completely fictitious Safety Assessment, which created the appearance for the Court that Moore’s behavior was only temporary, and was connected to the presence of her (then) husband, Dr. Mark Hash.

Dr. Oseroff’s convenient omission of the March 18, 2003, interview by Rutledge with Moore, removed proof that Moore had admitted to officials that she became psychotic and pulled guns with her very small children present; but - while her (then) husband, Dr. Mark Hash was not even present.

Florida Judge Karen Gievers relied upon Dr. Oseroff’s information to undo a decade of child custody rulings by various courts in several states.

Gievers found that Dr. Mark has had “brainwashed” his son Alec Hash, and ordered no contact between father and son.

Dr. Mark Hash, and Alec Hash, had separate lawsuits against law enforcement at the time the no-contact order was issued by Gievers.

Alec Hash subsequently traveled to Missouri, married his girlfriend and became emancipated, fled Florida, and refuses to return.

Evidence shows the FDLE, Tallahassee Police Department, and Miami Beach Police Department, are using government and police resources to search for Alec Hash.

Facts and evidence suggest Dr. Oseroff is involved in a state-sponsored kidnapping plot, which is still place against Alec Thomas Hash. 


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