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February 20, 2013

How the HaLeigh Cummings Amber Alert was reinstated

In 2010 the Amber Alert for the missing child HaLeigh Cummings was cancelled.

Jeff Hardy, sheriff, Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, told the media they no longer had any reason to believe the child was alive and would proceed as if investigating a homicide.

In the fall of 2010, an epic public records battle between me (Timothy Charles Holmseth) and Captain John Greenwood, public information officer, PCSO, resulted in the re-instatement of the Amber Alert.

I, with a little help from the FBI, won the battle; and authorities realized HaLeigh was in fact alive.

When I first contacted the PCSO and Putnam County Records, I was told there were no records, and no police were dispatched to the bloody event I was describing. I used audio recordings of interviews I conducted to prove multiple witnesses claimed to be present.

After I involved the FBI, Captain Greenwood ‘found’ the police report.

READ "The Baby" to view some of the records and learn about the event that didn't offically take place until EXPOSED by me

It is notable that shortly after my battle with Captain Greenwood, the lead detective on the HaLeigh Task Force, Peggy Cone, ‘retired’ and quietly exited the sheriff’s office with little fanfare.

I have enough information to believe a strong possibility exists that Detective Cone was personally involved in hiding the records – and I know who she was helping.