Student lured into room by high school teacher – assaulted and illegally confined

Hutchinson Police Department investigating

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on May 16, 2015 at 9:48 P.M.

An incident at Hutchinson High School that involved the unlawful confinement and physical assault of a minor in an office has been reported to the Hutchinson Police Department.

On May 14, Bruce Eckhart, a social studies teacher, approached a student and told him Michael Scott, the assistant principal, wanted to meet with him.

Eckhart’s claim was false.

Bruce Eckhart

When Eckhart and the student entered Scott’s office, Scott became verbally adamant there was no meeting scheduled and no such meeting was going to take place. Eckhart then became loud, unruly, and began bullying Scott. Scott attempted to open the door but Eckhart held it shut.

The student, who is diagnosed with an Anxiety Disorder, became frightened, and then too, attempted to exit. Eckhart pushed the child backwards several times – not allowing the child to leave.

The child then became so scared he/she began to frantically fight with Eckhart over the door; wedging his/her finger-tips on it with all his/her strength until it opened a crack; and he/she wriggled through it.

Scott subsequently sought the student out and apologized for what happened. He then advised the student to stay away from Eckhart.

Michael Scott

School officials did not notify the police or the child’s parent of the incident. Rather, the parent found out from the child.

The assault was reported to the Hutchinson Police Department by the student’s parent.  

It appears the school did not follow procedure or law regarding the incident.

Write Into Action is investigating this case.

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