JonBenet Ramsey DNA allegations causing strange reactions by Colorado police

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on September 27, 2015 at 6:53 A.M. C.S.T.

Allegations by a Colorado couple that their former pastor is the source of the unidentified DNA found on JonBenet Ramsey has resulted in anonymous online reports being made to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

However – the anonymous reports are child protection reports against the accusers being forwarded to social services by police - with no mention or investigative interest being shown by law enforcement regarding the JonBenet DNA allegations.

JonBenet Ramsey

On September 23, 2015 Write Into Action published “Colorado couple claim police intimidation in JonBenet Ramsey murder - - - Danielle and Curtis Kekoa release video”.

Curtis and Danielle Kekoa, Northglenn, Colorado alleges law enforcement has strategically harassed their family for years in efforts to have their children seized by Child Protective Services (CPS).

“They’re trying to kidnap our kids to shut us up,” said Danielle Kekoa.

The CPS reports have been deemed 'unfounded'.

The Kekoa’s say they became perpetual targets after leaving Denver Bible Church and publicly alleging its pastor, Bob Enyart, murdered JonBenet Ramsey.

The Kekoa’s say it’s Enyart’s DNA that was found on JonBenet.

Write Into Action has learned that a Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) detective became involved in a child welfare report against the Kekoa’s.

“Detective Mark Enomoto of the Colorado Springs police department showed up on our latest social services report (March 2015) as a mandatory reporter reporting our family on behalf of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). We've never met Det. Enomoto and have never heard of him before he showed up on our report,” said Curtis Kekoa.

“We don't know who he is or why he and the NCMEC would attack us and EXPLOIT our children,” Curtis Kekoa said.

Curtis Kekoa said his family resides in Northglenn and says Detective Enomoto clearly went around the Northglenn Police Department, which deviates from proper channels and procedure.

“[Police have come to our residence] around a dozen [times], including multiple social services attacks with police assistance and other police showing up unannounced”.

The Kekoa's believe there was also a member of law enforcement involved in Jon Benet’s murder that is a member of Enyart's congregation.

The Kekoa’s said they escaped Enyart’s "satanic cult" and publicly declare he is a "serial killer".

Enyart is no stranger to the JonBenet Ramsey murder and very publicly and proactively immersed himself into the subject.

Bob Enyart

Enyart erected a website called The Home Page of the website takes all visitors directly to a 3,000 word detailed analysis of JonBenet’s murder entitled “The Clue that Breaks the Case”.

In the article, Enyart provides an elaborate explanation for the existence of the DNA evidence found at the scene.  

The Ramsey murder was the only detailed analysis of a murder scene that could be found at the website.

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