Colorado couple claim police intimidation in JonBenet Ramsey murder   

Danielle and Curtis Kekoa release video of police harrassment

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on September 23, 2015

Curtis and Danielle Kekoa, Northglenn, Colorado, believe local law enforcement is attempting to strategically force a confrontation with them so they can eventually seize their children through Child Protective Services.  

The Kekoa’s believe they are being targeted because they possess inside knowledge of a satanic cult, which they say is connected to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey.

JonBenet Ramsey

The Kekoa’s have released a You Tube video featuring bizarre interactions they have encountered with law enforcement under the pretext that they 'ignored' their neighbor.


The Kekoa’s are former members of the Denver Bible Church, and very publicly claim they know that their former pastor, Bob Enyart, murdered JonBenet Ramsey on December 25, 1996.

The Kekoa's believe there was also a member of law enforcement involved that is a member of Enyart's congregation.

According to the Kekoa’s, the mysterious unidentified DNA found at the JonBenet Ramsey murder scene belongs to Enyart.

The Kekoa’s said they escaped the "satanic cult" and publicly declare Enyart is a "serial killer".

Enyart is no stranger to the JonBenet Ramsey murder and very publicly and proactively immersed himself into the subject.

Enyart erected a website called The Home Page of the website takes all visitors directly to a 3,000 word detailed analysis of JonBenet’s murder entitled “The Clue that Breaks the Case”.

In the article, Enyart provides an elaborate explanation for the existence of the DNA evidence found at the scene.  

The Ramsey murder was the only detailed analysis of a murder scene that could be found at the website.

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