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Levi Page and

Web host obsessed with missing children once claimed to be a "criminal investigator"

August 6, 2014

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

In August of 2010, Levi Page, 38, published an article promoting his Web radio talk show with a headline that read: Featured Host: Criminal Investigator Levi Page

Levi Page is not a “criminal investigator” and the fact that he claims to be is very concerning. There is no indication that Page is regularly employed anywhere and he is by no means affiliated with any law enforcement agency.

In 2010, Page had no Web footprint from any newspaper, publication, radio program, or media outlet. The unknown Tennessee native suddenly appeared out of nowhere to discuss missing children on Web talk radio programs.

The basic facts are concerning.

Page, a 34 year-old man (in 2010), suddenly emerged out of nowhere, boasting the title of “criminal investigator”. He published a Web bio stating “he discusses cases like those of Haleigh Cummings, Caylee Anthony and Kyron Horman”.

“Hopefully the show gives our listeners a better understanding of important cases than they’d get from watching a news report on TV,” the show bio said. The bio further states Page will bring on guests that “get inside the mind of many of the criminals highlighted on his show”.

Page’s promo asserts he will have information and insights that rival the standard “news report” you would see on TV. He also promotes the program as a show that will feature “criminals highlighted on his show”.

However – there is a fundamental problem with the general platform and theme of this radio program. Page invariably features missing child cases that are unsolved. In many instances he discusses missing child cases immediately after they happen. Yet – he announces he his going to give listeners a “better understanding” of the cases as he discusses the “criminals highlighted on his show”.

The problem is – the cases are fresh – so Page and his guests certainly have no “better understanding” about the case than the mainstream news. Also – because the case is fresh nobody can be labeled a “criminal” - law enforcement is just beginning to investigate.

But Page and his guests did exactly what he said they would do.They pushed narratives regarding fresh and unsolved cases and did not hesitate to announce a suspect; or declare a person guilty - using innocent people's names.

There are several facts regarding this man that are extremely concerning that need to be closely examined. Page’s radio program was not so much a talk show; as a disinformation delivery system and cyber weapon to be used in mysterious missing children cases.

The fact that Page claimed he would be providing the public with a better understanding of what happened to a missing child; by examining the 'criminals' involved; is to purport to have knowledge about the case he should not have.  

However, the possibility exists that Page did in fact have knowledge of what happened, and the radio program was used as a propaganda machine.

There is strong evidence to support that.

Levi Page’s name appears on the header of an extremely disturbing website called The website regularly contains x-rated content that targets and sexually assaults victim’s online – actually using people’s full names and photographs. The anonymous publisher does deep background checks on its targets, and will even go so far as to learn what the inside of a targets home looks like.

The publisher of the website is clearly mentally ill and a sexually obsessed deviant – probably a child molester.

The author writes blogs about everything sexual; to ejaculate; to animals committing rape against each other. The publisher uses photo editing software to create pictures of actual people using the toilet, and regularly manipulates the area of the targeted subject’s genitals.

The anonymously operated website targets legitimate journalists, crime witnesses (and their families), and others that publicly state opinions regarding active criminal investigations – particularly the kidnapping of HaLeigh Ann-Marie Cummings.

Day after day – year after year – sitting atop the webpage – is the name – “Levi Page” – attached to a promotion for his website.

No real or respectable journalist would be associated with such a website - never in a billion years.

In the summer of 2011, Levi Page, the self proclaimed “criminal investigator”, telephoned Timothy Charles Holmseth, an award-wining news reporter. Holmseth had been interviewed by the Minneapolis FBI after becoming a peripheral witness in the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping; Page wanted Holmseth to be a guest on his radio program .

Not long after the first call – Page telephoned Holmseth again, because Holmseth had reported Page to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. Holmseth had become concerned about this “criminal investigator” that was making vile and threatening phone calls regarding the HaLeigh Cummings disappearance.

In the second call, Page yelled, “This child is dead! She was dead in 09’ and she’s still dead now stupid fucker!”

Serious questions exist about the 38 year-old Tennessee “criminal investigator” that is obsessed with missing children; that actively seeks out complete strangers that have committed the offense of stating that a missing and endangered child is alive, and screams at the top of his lungs that the child is dead.

When Holmseth was interviewed by the FBI in 2010 he asked the special agent why key figures under investigation for the kidnapping were attempting to make the child appear to be dead. The agent replied without a moment’s hesitation, ‘so everybody will stop looking for her’.

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