Minnesota teen resists mind control sessions - exposes Sheriff in abuse scandal

Epic child protection and racketeering case unfolding between Minnesota and Colorado as brave mother is arrested for kidnapping

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on May 8, 2015 at 12:11 P.M. CST

Rackteering charges may be brought against Minnesota officials involved in an abuse scandal that has exploded in Northwest Minnesota.

An epic battle over reality is unfolding as the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) in Colorado executed a child abduction arrest warrant Friday for Amy Budeau, Grand Junction; the warrant was issued in the state of Minnesota.

Michelle MacDonald, an attorney specializing in divorce and custody, expressed it is a lawless process and the baseless charges will eventually be dropped due to lack of evidence.

While there may be no legal basis for the charge, which was never more than a family court issue between legal custodians, evidence exists of a secret reason for the trumped up felony charge.

Write Into Action has discovered that evidence has been gathered by an abused teen that has exposed a Minnesota Sheriff and his family, as well as social services, and the sheriff of a neighboring county, in what appears to be a bizarre underground of government-sponsored mind-control tactics and covering up of child maltreatment.

The arrest of Budeau appears to be a desperate attempt by embarrassed and culpable parties in the Minnesota judicial and social services system to keep the truth hidden about what has been going on.

According to Robert Budeau, Amy Budeau’s husband, the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office in Minnesota telephoned the MCSO in Colorado and blatantly lied about Amy Budeau’s custodial status and rights in order to have her falsely arrested. [The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office is lying to the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office,” Robert Budeau said.

Robert Budeau said the Marshall County deputy that telephoned Colorado authorities insisted Amy Budeau had no custodial rights.

Amy Budeau was arrested for deprivation of parental rights, a felony, after she traveled to Minnesota and picked up her 15 year-old daughter to begin their scheduled summer parenting-time.

She began the summer parenting-time early, because her daughter’s father, Shawn Kostrzewski, Stephen, Minnesota, had entered in-patient treatment for alcoholism.

“We traveled with court orders that show Amy has rights,” Robert Budeau said, adding they personally stopped and spoke with local law enforcement when they returned to Colorado with the child.  

Amy Budeau, who is married with two other children, shares joint legal custody with Kostrzewski.

Amy Budeau picked up their daughter because Kostrzewski, an alcoholic that was hospitalized, had no means to care for their child and it was the logical thing to do. The child had historically been floating from home to home during Kostrzewski’s alcohol benders.

Amy Budeau advised Kostrzewski in a text that she had taken their daughter to Colorado. ‘You are unable to care for her; I am taking her back to Colorado,’ she said.

Amy Budeau is now in jail.

Robert Budeau said the minor child refuses to return to Minnesota and is presently staying with a foster care provider – a deputy sheriff in Mesa County, Colorado.

According to Colorado law the teenager will receive a hearing before a judge and will be appointed a lawyer. “That’s a good thing,” Robert Budeau said.


The truth behind this bizarre case involves audio, photographic, and text message evidence captured by the teenager that proves she has been forced to live a lie, while existing in a dysfunctional zoo-like home that smells of urine, cigarettes, and beer.

Two local sheriff’s departments in Minnesota, the social services system, school officials, Charlson and Jorgenson Law Office, and members of the small community are all completely aware of the truth.

The truth has been held hostage by the fact Kostrzewski is the brother-in-law of a neighboring County Sheriff, whose wife works in social services and contacts witnesses by telephone to intimidate them during child protection flare-ups involving Kostrzewski’s drinking.

Kostrzewski was somehow granted physical custody of the minor child after a contentious child custody battle between himself and Amy Budeau, who had moved to Colorado.  Kostrzewski’s attorney, Michael Mattocks, convinced a Minnesota judge that the teenager was lying about her father’s drinking problem and that he was not an alcoholic.

Irrefutable facts now show it was a complete lie with grave consequences, because extensive acts were subsequently taken by adults and officials over the years to keep all the secrets – secret.

That lie is coupled with the very disturbing fact that Kostrzewski was convicted of domestic violence in North Dakota against Amy Budeau when the child was a baby.

According to evidence and witnesses, Kostrzewski is a chronic alcoholic that is so entirely overcome by alcoholism that his house reeks of urine because he pees on mattresses and the carpet.

Kostrzewski wife, Tara Kostrzewski, reportedly had to put down special plastic to stop the urine from ruining a bed.

When company commented about the odor they would claim the urine smell was from an animal.

The environment created for the teenager by her alcoholic father and co-dependant step-mother was sick and unbearable.

Text messages and audio recordings recently captured inside the home prove beyond any doubt the insanity, maltreatment, and abuse the young girl was being forced to endure.

However, social services in Northwest Minnesota, still realing from the Sally Mumm adult foster care abuse scandal, where mentally retarded vulnerable adults were frozen, abused, stolen from, and starved by a caregiver, repeatedly ignored reports of the girl’s plight, and she was forced to endure the lifestyle.

The maltreatment was exasperated by the fact that she was called a liar by the adults around her.

Thief River Falls Attorney Michael Mattocks gaslighted the child by suggesting the only reason there was so many beer cans in the home was because her dad recycled.


It appears a showdown was set to begin when the teenager, tired of being called a liar by trusted authority figures and mandated reporters, including the reputed sick and disturbed Mattocks, decided to gather proof that her father is a chronic alcoholic, and that she lives in perpetual anxiety and fear.

She had her work cut out for her.

Her father, Shawn Kostrzewski, is the brother-in-law of Pennington County Sheriff Ray Kuuznia (Jodi Kuznia, Ray Kuznia’s wife, is Kostrzewski’s sister). Jodi Kuznia works for Pennington County Social Services.

Kostrzewski is an employee of Marshall County. He works for the Highway Department. Marshall County Sheriff Jason Boman knows Kostrzewski is an alcoholic; is an insurance liability and risk to the County; and has taken extensive measures to conceal that fact from the public record by improperly withholding documents about Kostrzewski’s problems with the law.

Boman’s trouble’s are exasperated by credibility issues his Department is now suffering regarding the Ray Littlewolf murder case in rural Viking, Minnesota.

Boman's improper handling of the Budeau/Kostrzewski child maltreatment case has brought his Department's integrity into question.

On April 28, 2015, Write Into Action filed “Marshall County Sheriff Jason Boman under suspicion - Child abuse covered up to protect brother-in-law of Pennington County Sheriff”.

The publication of the article ultimately resulted in Kostrzewski admitting himself into Douglas Place, an in-patient treatment center in East Grand Forks, Minnesota.

Because Kostrzewski entered in-patient treatment, Amy Budeau logically came to Minnesota and picked up their daughter to begin her summer parenting-time, albeit early.

Shortly thereafter an arrest warrant was issued for Amy Budeau for deprivation of parental rights - a felony.

It is very likely the arrest warrant was issued to prevent Amy Budeau from obtaining actual physical custody of the minor child, which would expose CPS failures and cover-ups over the years.

Robert Budeau said MacDonald opined the bogus charge was probably instigated by the lawyer (Mattocks).

The fact pattern shows psychological child abuse that involves public officials and social workers.


Facts, evidence, records, witnesses and circumstances show the Minnesota Department of Human Services should immediately commence an investigation into the horrendous psychological child abuse this innocent teenager has undergone.

The child abuse is a ‘Jim Jones’ cult style brainwashing regimen of ‘gas lighting’ and ‘crazy-making’ by authority figures, where a child victim is repeatedly told she is wrong, lying, overreacting, and just seeing things.

On April 28, 2015, Write Into Action filed “Marshall County Sheriff Jason Boman under suspicion - Child abuse covered up to protect brother-in-law of Pennington County Sheriff”

The report detailed a recent event when Kostrzewski had abandoned his daughter, and went on a dangerous drunken bender throughout the counties, while Marshall County deputies were forced to find a temporary overnight caregiver for his teenage daughter.

The report read in part:

Budeau said her teenage daughter has subsequently been taken into a room, cult style, surrounded by adults, who told her she is "lying".

They made her come home and everybody was sitting around the living room "eating ice cream" as if everything was completely normal, Budeau said.

Budeau says Shawn Kostrzewski is an admitted alcoholic and frequently urinates on himself. She said there are photos of patches of carpet with large pee rings. She said he must sleep alone because he so frequently urinates on himself nobody can sleep near him.

One audio of the night in question captures Shawn Kostrzewski babbling and arguing with Tara Kostrzewski about a mess he made in the bathroom.

Boman’s refusal to produce records regarding the event creates the clear impression the MCSO does not want to create any paper trail regarding Shawn Kostrzewski’s activities.

Boman and Kuznia's 'Jim Jones' culture for Marshall and Pennington County youth is not acceptable by normal health standards and further investigation by Write Into Action is forthcoming.

Write Into Action is presently investigating the handling of this entire matter by Marshall County Social Services.



An Affidavit signed by Shawn Kostrzewski in support of the arrest warrant issued for Amy Budeau demonstrates the child has been telling the truth about the sick mind games that authorities have been playing with her.  

In the Affidavit, Kostrzewski, represented by Mattocks, blames his lifetime of alcohol problems on the teenage girl and denies being an alcoholic.

“I did voluntarily enter treatment – I wanted to do this for my own health because [my teenage daughter] has expressed to me that she thinks it would be good for my health to drink less and because I knew that unless I stopped drinking [Amy Budeau] would keep filing motions against me,” he said.

“The only way to keep this litigation from continuing all the way to when [our teenage daughter] is 18 was just to stop drinking entirely even though I don’t agree with [Amy Budeau’s] allegations about my drinking. By just stopping drinking entirely I knew she would not be able to continue making those allegations against me. For all these reasons I made the decision to voluntarily enter in-patient treatment,” he said.

Kostrzewski then asserts that blaming his teenage daughter for his alcoholism is in the child’s best interest.

“I did this in [our daughter’s] best interest,” he said.

Amy Budeau was arrested in front of her three children.

Robert Budeau said a lawsuit is being examined and rackteering claims may be forthcoming.

Write Into Action will continue to cover this corruption story.

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