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11.10.12 Nancy Grace - Guilty of Child Endangerment
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sara sheffield police report


Tip received on mystery voices article

On November 30, 2012 a request for public assistance was made regarding the identity of voices that appear at the end of a hostile phone message left on the answering machine of the private investigator that once provided services for Crystal Sheffield, mother, HaLeigh Cummings.

I have received a tip regarding the call; the tip however is regarding the identified caller - Tina Church.

According to the caller, a former Team member that worked for Crytsal Sheffield, the name rang a bell. The caller said that in 2009, HaLeigh's grandmother, Marie Griffis, told everyone that somebody was coming from out-of-state to join them. She said the woman's name was "Christine Church".

Tina Church's involvement in the Cummings case has always caused questions. Tina Church was in contact with the Croslin family for a period of time. Chelsea Croslin said Tina Church made her believe she was her own personal private investigator - looking for HaLeigh.

According to Croslin, Tina Church once told the family HaLeigh had been found in Kentucky, but DNA had to be tested to confirm it was actually her. She said the entire family sat crying and waiting for the good news to come in from Tina Church.

Croslin said she learned Tina Church was a "poser" and was sharing all her confidential information with bloggers.

Tina Church claims to have no connection to the case whatsoever, but has appeared on countless underground Web programs, and on one occassion was doing press releases for a lawyer.

Holmseth Publishing has had its share of contact with Tina Church, who once telephoned the police in East Grand Forks, Minnesota and told them I (Timothy Charles Holmseth) claimed to have HaLeigh Cummings in my apartment.

Church EGF PD
Church EGF PD
Church EGF PD

At this time there is no way to know if "Tina Church" is "Christine Church".

If you have any information about "Christine Church" please contact me.


Mystery voices on threatening call creates questions
by Timothy Charles Holmseth
November 30, 2012

A threatening phone call left on the answering machine of a Florida private investigator is being closely examined in hopes of identifying several voices that appear at the end of the message.

The private investigator that received the disturbing message was William Staubs, Case Closed, Inc. Also known as Cobra the Bounty Hunter, Staubs worked for the family of the missing child HaLeigh Cummings in 2009.

The caller identifies herself as Tina Church. Holmseth Publishing possesses audio interviews with Tina Church and there is no doubt the person leaving the message is Church.

The myserious part of the call however, is at the end, when several voices that were silently listening on a conference line, check in.

Suspicion exists as to the idenity of the unknown voices, and samples from Holmseth Publishing case files are going to be forenscially examined by an expert.

If you recognize any of the voices at the end of the call, please contact me.


"There was a murder" - Part 2
by Timothy Charles Holmseth
November 20, 2012

In Part 1 - ‘There was a murder’ - it was revealed by a case witness that shortly before HaLeigh Cummings was reported missing in 2009, an adult was murdered. The murder involved a gun, the molestation of Haleigh, and her father, Ronald Cummings.  

In Part 2 – ‘There was a murder’ you will listen to two men talk about a gun that was hidden.

The images the conversation creates will lead you closer to what law enforcement in Putnam County, Florida has not been telling the public for nearly four years.

In February of 2009, while authorities were searching for HaLeigh Cummings, the news media widely reported comments made by case witnesses regarding a fight over a gun that had taken place between Haleigh’s father Ronald Cummings, and a Croslin cousin from Tennessee, Joe Overstreet

On February 23, 2009 FOX NEWS reported HaLeigh’s paternal grandmother, Teresa Neves spoke of a fight that took place over a gun. Neves said her son Ronald Cummings and a cousin from Tennessee, Joe Overstreet, got into a fight over a gun during his visit, and that the cousin left town the same day Haleigh disappeared.

Ronald Cummings denied any such fight. “There was no fight with no cousin over a gun," he told FOX NEWS.

Cummings made the same denial to WFTV.

“There was no fight with a cousin over a gun. I don't know where people are getting their information from, but people say a lot of things and they don't always know what they are talking about," Cummings said.

Cummings was lying.

I am now going to introduce you to case evidence captured in the field in 2009. You are going to analyze a conversation between Private Investigator William Staubs and Ronald Cummings.

Not only will you see there was a gun involved – it appears there is a big secret surrounding the gun. When you listen to the audio clip you will realize Ronald Cummings begins to whisper and mumble while he discusses events surrounding the gun.

You will also notice Investigator Staubs, using coughs and grunts, appears to be trying to communicate to Cummings to shut up about the gun – it appears Staubs is very familiar with what Cummings is talking about.



William Staubs (WS): What you think about Joe bro? Joe would hurt your kid you reckon? Cuz I have Joe…

Ronald Cummings (RC): I think Joe had vengeance for me. Joe [Overstreet] had his old lady come from wherever she was in her blue Cadillac. And when I come down out from my road that day after I had cleaned my pistol put it together and hid it okay, after – I didn’t tell nobody I had found it so he thought it was still there – when I come around the corner guess where his girlfriends at?

WS: Where?

RC: Now he’s with Hank at the dock because hank said motherfucker if you got that pistol you aint leaving here with it.

WS: Who said that?

RC: Hank.

WS: Who’s Hank

RC: Hank [Croslin] is Misty’s dad he said motherfucker you piece of shit I know you got that gun

WS: To Joe?

RC: If you’ve got that gun – cuz he said I’m leaving for Tennessee I’m getting the fuck out of here he said well motherfucker you’re going with me because if you got it you aint taking it with you I promise you that wherever its at is where it will be

WS: Oh Joe uhh Hank got on his ass?

RC: Hank’s been on his ass all night since 5:30 a.m. and Hank is bitch get your ass up where’s the gun

WS: No shit – Hank’s a bad motherfucker

RC: He used to be until he got fucked up

WS: You talking about Hank

RC: Big Hank in a wheel chair

WS: Oh. He’s a bad motherfucker. He’s alright. He’s a cool dude. I bought him a pack of cigarettes and a mountain dew

RC: I came in the house at 6 o’clock the next morning I told Joe I’m going break both of your – Hank said put that down I can’t you let hit nobody with that motherfucker – I said I aint going to hit him – I aint going to hit him

WS: Joe little guy you big guy

RC: He’s smaller than me I break him in half – I said dude as all I want you to do is let me lay his hand on that motherfucking concrete and crush it with this motherfucking jack hammer

WS: For stealing the damn gun

~ end ~

William Staubs and Ronald Cummings discussed Hank Croslin and Joe Overstreet; they also discussed a gun and a dock.  

It is quite clear neither of these men is discussing anything that involved HaLeigh being harmed by the gun. It may be that HaLeigh was present while an adult was murdered and is a witness.

The reader should carefully consider these facts, captured on tape in 2009, with what would later be reported in April of 2010 when law enforcement and search teams descended upon a dock on the St. John’s River near the home Hank Croslin.

The Florida Times-Union reported on April 14, 2010 that a large scale search was underway around Shell Harbour Road, close to where Misty Croslin’s parents lived on Magnolia Drive before Haleigh disappeared.

Lt. (now Major) Johnny Greenwood of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office said the area hadn’t been searched before.

Shortly after HaLeigh was reported missing, search teams scoured wooded areas and roadsides.

In June, 2009 authorities went to the property of HaLeigh’s grandmother, Marie Griffis, with dive teams and searched a pond.

In September, 2009 authorities searched a pond near Palatka but found nothing.

In April, 2010 Florida law enforcement searched the dock near Shell Harbour on the St. John’s River.

During the Shell Harbour search, Jeff Hardy, the sheriff of Putnam County, made a big announcement to the press. "At this point, I'm comfortable in saying I'm calling it a homicide."

He added that investigators are looking at "one or more persons of interest" but would not identify any targets of the investigation.

Is that really a big announcement folks? Think carefully about the words he chose.

He is not referring to HaLeigh.

The authorities are trying to find the murdered adult and the murder weapon.

There still exists an Amber Alert for HaLeigh- she is classified as Missing and Endangered.


I'm with "CNN" he'd say
by Timothy Charles Holmseth
November 15, 2012

A former associate and colleague of tabloid blogger Art Harris telephoned me to alert me to fabrications she says he uses to elevate himself in status and credibility.

According to the source (protected per safety and retaliation) whom we will call Martha Styles, Harris falsely claims he is a two time Emmy award winning journalist.


The background of Harris has become a serious issue, as it related to his shady involvement with the placement of media on the HLN network during the HaLeigh Cummings investigation.

It is a fact Harris touts his association with CNN, although according to Styles, he was fired from CNN.

Styles said she has spoken with well-known investigative journalist Diane Diamond, and Diamond was direct about Harris. Styles paraphrased Diamond, “There’s a reason why nobody found him a job – there’s a reason why his peers back away from him", she said.

In 2009, Harris and other members of Crystal Sheffield’s team began calling the police department in East Grand Forks, Minnesota after Sheffield’s private investigator telephoned me and advised that the missing child HaLeigh Cummings was alive and being passed around by family members. In tag-team fashion, five separate members called the police on different dates – not mentioning their association to the others - attempting to have me arrested – for nothing.

Harris also began making contacts involving my children and publishing false information about my family.

In the police report below, you will see Harris also began contacting my former employers, and upset them to the point they telephoned the police.

Harris EGF PD
Harris EGF PD
Harris EGF PD
Harris EGF PD

Note that Harris is identifying himself as a “CNN reporter”.

“He’s a washed up fired want to be,” Styles said.


"There was a murder" - Part 1
by Timothy Charles Holmseth
November 12, 2012

A key figure in the HaLeigh Cummings case contacted me with information that has never been made public. The identity of the person is being kept confidential for safety reasons and will be referred to as John Doe.

Doe revealed that a murder took place before HaLeigh was reported missing.

Doe used exact names of particiapnts while describing a "heated arguement" involving HaLeigh Cummings' father, Ronald Cummings.

The incident involved HaLeigh being sexually molested.

"There a murder that took place and there was a gun," Doe said.

According to Doe the victim's body was secretly disposed of.

The revelation there was a murdered adult, creates new questions about the dumpster that generated hits by three cadaver dogs, several weeks after Haleigh vanished.

Doe also had information about the actual identity of the "man in black" - the man Ronald Cummings Jr., 3, allegedly witnessed take his "sissy".

More information will be released in the future regarding Doe's statement and exstensive knowledge of secrets known only to law enforcement.

Nancy Grace - child endagermnent?
by Timothy Charles Holmseth
November 11, 2012

HaLeigh Cummings was/is classified as a ‘Missing and Endangered’ child. HaLeigh is a crime victim, and, is protected by a multitude of child protection laws in the state of Florida. At no time has HaLeigh been considered out of danger. She is presently under the full protection of state and federal laws written to protect children from exploitation.

Each time Nancy Grace linked up to Art Harris and his so-called ‘coverage’ of the Haleigh Cummings case, the American public may have been witnessing a litany of crimes in progress.

Just because HaLeigh Cummings disappeared, she did not lose her rights. 

I will explain.







The Day HaLeigh was at the HaLeigh Bug Center

april 26, 2009 sighting sara sheffield police report lindsy croslin police report the secret house and lease
April 26 Map
The baby
by Timothy Charles Holmseth
November 6, 2009

On April 26, 2009 at approximately 6:30 p.m., a woman and her husband believed they witnessed the missing child HaLeigh Cummings at the Tiger Express gas station in Brunson, South Carolina.

The witnesses reported to law enforcement what they had seen. They called it in to America's Most Wanted. They also sent the information to Florida Attorney Mark Nejame.


The couple reported seeing HaLeigh Cummings in the custody of a man and a woman. When the man noticed HaLeigh had been recognized, he made the child lay down on the floor boards of the car. The vehicle exited the gas station, turned, and continued in the direction of Florida.

A few hours later…

On April 27, 2009 at 12:47 a.m., a 911 call was made. Assistance was being requested at a commercial facility in Satsuma, Florida called the HaLeigh Bug Center. The caller was Sara Sheffield – she was requesting medical assistance for her sister, Crystal Sheffield, HaLeigh’s mother.

Sara Sheffield reported to responding deputies that a man dressed in black had been lurking around outside the HaLeigh Bug Center. She told the officer her sister fell down and hit her head and was having a seizure.

I interviewed the Sheffield family’s private investigator, William Staubs regarding this event. In fact, I interviewed most every professional working for Crystal Sheffield at the time. Each person provided me riveting details of a very dramatic event.

Every person I interviewed described a chaotic bloody scene.  One rendition of events included several men being present, (multiple) babies crying, adults screaming and arguing, family members arriving and leaving, paramedics interacting with licensed professionals, and sheriff’s deputies questioning witnesses.

All of my interviews regarding that matter were recorded on audio. I possess audio proof of all the statements by each witness. For purposes of this column, I am going to focus on what Staubs told me.

William Staubs told me he was present and spoke face to face with a police officer. Others I interviewed also claimed to have spoken with paramedics and police officers. Others even claimed to have witnessed Staubs speaking to a police officer.

The alleged interaction between witnesses, and, police officers and paramedics, will become very relevant as you will see.

William Staubs told me the Sheffield girls had a baby in the building, and he discussed how they handled that situation.

William Staubs: “…and then there was a concern as I recall as to where this little child would end up going too – they had a cute looking baby – so they decided to give it to somebody else yadda yadda yadda I can’t – the story is kind of sketchy there as far as what I remember, but they turned the kid over to somebody else”

Timothy Holmseth: What kid?

William Staubs: “The baby. Some baby. They were babysitting some baby or something They had to get rid of this baby, and I think it was the new kid that, if memory serves me correct it was the new child that Crystal and her boyfriend have there. I can’t remember what his name is off the top of my head but I said well is it – and I gave – I’m not watching the kid - I’m not sitting here watching the kid so they called and somebody else came and picked up the child and then Crystal was transported to the hospital…”



The audio you listened to contains a complete, consecutive, un-edited statement from Staubs (with the exception of a redacted name) regarding the April 27, 2009 event at the HaLeigh Bug Center.

Staubs describes arriving at the same time as another vehicle, which itself contains several occupants. They then found Crystal Sheffield bleeding profusely. He says approximately five minutes passed, and then he heard the sirens approaching.

Five minutes - make note of that - FIVE MINUTES.

Staubs talks about getting a towel for Crystal Sheffield who is still bleeding. He also describes Sara Sheffield walking him through what she claimed happened. He examines a hatchet he finds. The group then confers about what to do with a baby that is present at the scene. It is decided a relative should be called to come and pick the child up, which is then done.

But remember, he heard the sirens approaching within five minutes.

There is a problem with what Staubs is saying. The problem is in the police report and there is no escaping it. The police report only reports Sara and Crystal Sheffield as being present (Crystal was erroneously referred to as Crystal Cummings in the report). Other than police officers, the only other witness listed is the neighbor man.

Not only that – there’s NO BABY. The police report says there were NO MINOR children present.

HaLeigh Bug
HaLeigh Bug
HaLeigh Bug
HaLeigh Bug
HaLeigh Bug
HaLeigh Bug
HaLeigh Bug
HaLeigh Bug

What does this mean?

If you take the police report at face value, William Staubs was not present when the police arrived, nor was any of the other people that told me they were present.

They had all split the scene – with the baby.

Staubs said they decided to have a cousin come and pick the child up. In a seperate interview he told me he personally put the child in a car in front of the HaLeigh Bug Center.

Staubs said he spoke with Crystal Sheffield’s mother, Marie Griffis, to make sure it was okay to send the child away in a vehicle.

Staubs said he heard the sirens five minutes after his arrival. So, when did all this telephone activity regarding the ‘baby’ take place? What Staubs descibes is 'calling' someone well after midnight (presumably waking them up) and asking them to come and pick up a baby. He then has the entire task being accomplished before the approaching the sirens arrive. .

Remember, he heard the sires appraching within five minutes of his own arrival.

The police report stated no minor children were at the scene.

Do you find it strange that Staubs told me a story that didn’t add up? Well hold on to your socks, because I am going to tell you what happened when I first tried to get a copy of that police report.

In the fall of 2010, I telephoned the Records department in Putnam County to request all available documentation on the event that took place per the 911 call on April 27, 2009.

Guess what?

The computer system contained no record whatsoever of the event. According to the computer system where all the records are kept – the whole thing NEVER HAPPENED.




I had to fight it out with the Putnam County Sheriff's Office and involve the FBI before they suddenly ‘found’ it.

An exstensive account provided to me by a second legal professional that purported to be present at the scene was deliverd by the United States Postal Service to Major Gary Bowling at the Putnam County Sheriff's Office.


by Timothy Charles Holmseth
November 4, 2012

When I first saw the name Scott Rothstein in the headline of a Florida news item it instantly rang a bell with me.

My memory went hunting for it. “Rothstein” I said, slowly. “RAH - TH – STEEN”. 

Where have I heard that name? I wondered.

By the dates on the news item, it was pretty clear this Rothstein character had been around the Florida media for quite a while. However, I’m from Minnesota, so I wouldn’t have been reading about him every day.

“RAH –TH – STEEN.” I stared at the word and repeated it.

For any who don’t know - this Scott Rothstein guy is a disbarred lawyer from Fort Lauderdale, Florida that was busted by the FBI for running the largest Ponzi scheme in the history of the State. He is presently serving a 50 year prison sentence.

His admitted activities illuminate the bitter reality of how things work in Florida. Rothstein admitted to buying off judges, police, politicians, you name it. He even informed on a Sicilian Mafioso, which requires the feds keep him hidden.

I had been interviewing people from Florida since the spring of 2009 regarding the HaLeigh Cummings case. I decided I must have seen his name published somewhere along the way – I then dismissed it.

But it kept bugging me.

“Rothstein, Rosenfeldt & Adler,” I said, slowly. The name of the law firm rang a bell with me too.

“Rothstein, Rosenfeldt & Adler.”

I used my computer mouse to follow some abstract hunch I was having. I navigated through some folder sequences until I was back into some old interviews I had done in May of 2009. I was hoping I was going in the right direction so my curiosity would be satisfied. I played a few sound files, and then suddenly, there it was.


The whole HaLeigh Cummings mystery was going to lead back to a man named “Rothstein” and a biofuel company.


The voice was that of William Staubs, a Bail Bondsman from South Florida that was working as a private investigator for HaLeigh’s mother, Crystal Sheffield, HaLeigh’s grandfather, Johnny Sheffield, and an online preacher named Richard Grund.

I continued to listen as my memory began to catch fire – I was remembering. I recalled Staubs telling me something about Governor Charlie Crist, the most powerful lawyer in Florida, a government contract, and $231 Million.

Staubs had intimate knowledge of an entire biofuel deal that was supposedly taking place. He said a Fort Lauderdale attorney owned fifty percent of the company and he was trying to get in on the deal.

There was no doubt a biofuel company was on the minds of many during that time. I interviewed scores of players in the HaLeigh Cummings case and many of them talked about a biofuel company. It was weird, because a little girl was (supposedly) missing but the people looking for her were talking about biofuels.

During my journalistic work I communicated with a great deal of attorneys. In some cases I would be directed to an attorney and instructed to talk to that person if I wanted information.  I decided to run a search for lawyers - and there it was.

Pedro E. Dijols – Rothstein, Rosenfeldt, & Adler.

Attorney Dijols was assigned to the HaLeigh Cummings matter – I know that because I wrote him and asked and he replied in the affirmative.

But the presence of a Rothstein attorney wasn’t the only thing I found interesting. Equally interesting was the names of the people that had been copied on the communication along with Attorney Dijols.

See for yourself.

Among them was Crystal Sheffield, HaLeigh’s mother, Marie Griffis, HaLeigh’s grandmother. William Staubs, private investigator, and Art Harris, tabloid writer.

It’s interesting that during this time period in 2009, Art Harris began contacting the police in Minnesota, requesting they arrest me for unfounded and bizarrely imagined reasons.

I decided to do a little research on the biofuel company Staubs told me about. I knew it was called “Alternative Biofuels” something or another.

I recall Staubs laughing on one occasion that the biofuel company was probably just one of those fly-by-night operations where they dump water in one end, and fuel magically comes out the other - while nobody can see the guy standing around the corner with a gas can.

If it’s a rip-off, why do you want stock in it? I recall thinking.

At this point, the government was trying to sort out the colossal Rothstein Ponzi scheme and had released a great deal of information and court papers. The Sun-Sentinel is a Florida publication that has really stayed on top of the Rothstein story.

I located an article published by the Sun-Sentinel and there it was. “The government is also going after Rothstein’s interest in several local restaurants and other businesses including … Alternative Biofuel Company…” 

Sun Sentinel

So, according to the government paperwork, Scott Rothstein was involved in a biofuel company.

In 2011 I received a telephone call from a man named Eddie Boyle – a.k.a Greaseman Eddie. He owns a facility in Broward County – yep – a biofuels plant.

Eddie told me his sister and her husband, John and Maria Burgun, were very angry because their money was used to finance the ill-fated HaLeigh Cummings endeavor.

I decided to run a check through the State’s website to see what came up for the name John Burgun, and there it was right there in the Articles of Incorporation.

Alternative Biofuels Technologies, Inc. The Company had been incorporated in October of 2008 – but not by John Burgun.

However…a few months later…

On January 29, 2009 an additional officer was added to the Company in the annual report.

The person added was John Burgun.

Twelve days later HaLeigh Cummings was reported missing.

Eddie told me many times that his sister wanted to go to the FBI and tell them what she knew about the disappearance of HaLeigh Cummings. He said his sister had information about a Photoshopped picture of HaLeigh Cummings and a car that was rented in 2009, used and then quickly hidden.

Eddie Boyle

According to Boyle, his sister’s attorney, Douglass Reynolds, Tripp-Scott Law Firm, told her not to go to the FBI. Eddie told me a lawyer named David Di Pietro had been communicating with Reynolds and the two were keeping everything quiet.

I recognized Attorney Di Pietro’s name from an email exchange I’d been copied on between him and another attorney, Doug Roberts. Roberts was the lawyer for William Staubs and Richard Grund.

In February of 2012 somebody telephoned Maria Burgun and suggested she was going to be taking a trip to the “Hoover Dam” if she didn’t give the caller a certain amount of money.

Maria Burgun promptly telephoned the police an investigation into extortion began. The FBI was brought in and the organized crime task force began to interview people.

Eddie Boyle told me he received the same type of threatening telephone call. He said the caller told him that he was going to need at least “a thousand stitches” to put his face back together if he didn’t come up with the demanded money.

Eddie called me one day and said the Broward County Sheriff’s Office and FBI were all over his plant because somebody shot his yard man. He said he believed the bullet was intended for him.

Paul Lee Gunshot

As for Maria Burgun – well – she went in and sat down with the FBI and told them everything she knew about what happened to HaLeigh Cummings.

As for me…

When I start trying to work through this maze of attorneys, one word keeps going through my mind.




Pesci’s riddles

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

November 1, 2012


Over the past three and a half years I have received letters, postcards, emails, and telephone calls from people all over the United States. I have received everything from cash gifts, to Christmas presents; warnings, to death threats.

The Web has been saturated with everything from photoshopped pictures of me, to animated jokes, to weird sexual cartoons. 

I know, right?

From late night telephone calls from weirdoes using voice changers to disguise their identity, to warnings that I don’t know who I am messing with, somebody has been hell bent on shutting me up.  

If not a former death-row inmate suggesting I change my course or see what happens, to a drunken man telling my daughter the FBI is coming to get us, my phone kept ringing.

From claims by strangers they can have my children taken away, to police rapping on my door in response to an out-of-state call I might have Haleigh Cummings in my residence, somebody out there was thinking about me all the time.

So, what does it all mean?

It means this.

The public wants to know what happened to HaLeigh Cummings – and the voice changer people don’t want the public to know what happened to HaLeigh Cummings.

Now, why don’t the voice changer people want the public to know HaLeigh is alive? It is because they are involved with her disappearance, or, have illegally benefited from her disappearance.

When plainly stated it’s not that complicated.

However, answering questions about HaLeigh has been a perplexing prospect to say the least. I sometimes respond to the ‘what happened to HaLeigh’ question with a tongue-in-cheek reference to a famous scene from Oliver Stone’s JFK. We all recall Joe Pesci, playing the role of the neurotic David Ferrie, responding to a question from Kevin Costner (Attorney Jim Garrison), who casually asks Ferrie who killed Kennedy, which sends him into a tirade.  Pesci goes off, Pesci style, “It’s a mystery! wrapped in a riddle! inside and enigma! – the f----n shooters don’t even know…”

No other actor could have captured the mind-bending frustration brought on by over simplified questions regarding ultra complex situations – Pesci owned it.  

However, the truth is, the disappearance of HaLeigh Cummings is really not that complicated or elaborate.

Much like staring at a ‘Where’s Waldo’ maze, the frustration is terrible until Waldo suddenly appears. Then you feel almost stupid for not having seen it the whole time.

These are bold claims, you say. HaLeigh has been gone for three years and they can’t find her. Well, that’s true. She hasn’t surfaced. But the first question that must be answered is ‘why did she disappear in the first place?’

Here’s why.

The disappearance of HaLeigh Cummings is actually the disappearance of Caylee Anthony; on steroids.

Make no mistake – it was no accident HaLeigh was reported missing the same day there was a nationally televised memorial for the slain toddler, Caylee Anthony. 

HaLeigh’s disappearance and associated news coverage, supplements the mysterious first several weeks of Caylee Anthony’s disappearance, when her mother, Casey Anthony, was out partying and said nothing about the child being gone.

With the country fuming and outraged at this young women, Casey Anthony, who seemingly sacrificed her daughter to the god’s of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll, a five year-old named HaLeigh suddenly vanishes 75 miles north, while a young girl is (supposedly) supposed to be baby-sitting her, but is (supposedly) partying instead.

Enter Misty Jeannette Croslin, the seventeen year-old babysitter, unwittingly cast as the new Casey Anthony, and the new nightly “bombshell” for Nancy Grace.

What America did not get with Caylee, they were now going to get with HaLeigh. What America didn’t receive from Casey Anthony, it was going to get from Misty Croslin.

The harrowing 911 call reporting HaLeigh missing; the devastating news and the frantic search; the community out-pouring and heartbreaking prayer vigils; the outrage and tears; the hope against all odds; the frustrations and desperation. And then…came…as subtlety as a roach crawling across white carpet…

The ‘emerging heroes’

Oh yes.

HaLeigh’s disappearance was going to be the Miller Lite of child abductions. Everything you ever wanted in a kidnapping – and less – brought to you by Art Harris and Nancy Grace.

Internal staff recordings captured by HaLeigh’s mother’s private investigator in the field during the height of the search, revealed targeted individuals had been slated to receive intense scrutiny on national television segments, per their ‘suspected’ involvement in HaLeigh’s disappearance.

Indeed, if you listen close you wonder if you just heard the devil hiss.

The voices of men giggling and whispering, laughing and planning how they can make it look like a local man donated furniture to their building because he felt guilty for raping and murdering little kids in his limousine.

Indeed, contained in the archives of Holmseth Publishing are these recordings; the behind the scenes making of the infamous Nancy Grace “bombshells!”


In time, I would learn this Harris character was a busy guy, and when he wasn’t cooking up bombshells with a Bounty Hunter for Nancy Grace, he was focusing on me.

In 2012 I received a pile of documents I requested from the Polk County Attorney’s Office in Minnesota. I learned Art Harris had been contacting law enforcement in Minnesota in 2009 and begging them to arrest me (for nothing).

Police reports from the East Grand Forks (Minnesota) Police Department reveal Harris was running around identifying himself as being an agent of CNN. However, Harris does not work for CNN.

In reality, according to his client, Harris had been paid a few thousand dollars from a bounty hunter who borrowed the money from a drug dealer in Miami.

Isn’t that nice? Nancy Grace is airing stories about missing children with information like that.

Harris contacted my former employer, and whatever he said scared them so bad they called the local police. He also contacted people to talk about my children. He wrote articles about my .22 caliber rifle and appeared on Web radio programs to talk about my kids.

Now, here is where you might ask – ‘why were they trying to have you arrested Tim?’ Why did they focus on your kids? Why were they claiming you were insane? And here is where I insert Joe Pesci’s rant. “It’s a mystery! wrapped in a riddle! inside and enigma! – the f----n shooters [kidnappers] don’t even know…”

But in reality, the mystery is not wrapped in a riddle. The answers are contained in the audio interviews I began conducting in 2009.

Can you give us an example, you say? – Well certainly.   

Most of us have seen the lovely Sarah Palin on Fox News provide commentary and insight into various political topics. Palin is a political analyst and is paid to be on TV. Now, if you’re not familiar with the nuances of media, you may not know that oftentimes Palin is simply in her Alaska home where a small studio is set up for her to appear on television via satellite. 

The same type of plans were being made behind the scenes in the HaLeigh Cummings disappearance. ‘Missing Children’ was becoming a booming business. HaLeigh’s disappearance and case was to bring about long-term changes for many, as various professionals prepared for their rocket to stardom.

The obvious difference is that Sara Palin, love her or not, earned her reputation through hard work and a principled life. She was already respected and successful when she became a commentator on television. She was an elected Governor and vice-presidential candidate.

The ‘emerging heroes’ – charlatan resumes one and all.  

The Anthony case in Orlando also revealed the value of a missing child in terms of cash money. With the nationwide Amber Alert as the primary marketing tool and advertisement, donations from generous Americans flowed in like water from a broken down dam.

According to a contract employee of the Sheffield family that I interviewed, hundreds of thousands of dollars were collected under the radar of the State of Florida and IRS by people that thought they were funding searches for a missing child.

Now, here is where you might ask, ‘where did the money go Tim?’ How much money did they make? Whose bank account did it go into?

And that’s where I insert Joe Pesci’s rant - “It’s a mystery! wrapped in a riddle! inside and enigma!”

But, it’s really not.


Police Report / HaLeigh Alive in Georgia / April 27, 2009
November 2, 2012
A request was made by a reader for the folowing police rpeort to be published.