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Gov. Rick Scott and FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey coordinated ‘secret police’ shortly before implosion

February 17, 2015

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

The mysterious rift between Florida Governor Rick Scott and (former) FDLE Gerald Bailey is not a big mystery to those on the inside.

According to a South Florida insider, both men are hiding their coordinated involvement in black operations that were being run through the FDLE at the direction of Gov. Scott, backed by the legal muscle of Attorney General Pam Bondi.

According to the deeply embedded source, the Scott Administration was using the FDLE as its own ‘secret police’ and Gerald Bailey was completely on board.

‘This was sick Gestapo style stuff. That’s why they’re blaming mid level staffers. Neither man dare tell you the real truth,’ the insider said.

The implosion of the relationship is connected to Attorney Steven Andrews, and his legal representation of Alec Thomas Hash.

‘Steven Andrews has the ability to prove what Scott and Bailey were doing’, the source said.

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