Whistleblower: Sally Mumm was investigated for abuse and neglect years ago 

Thief River Falls doctor believed to be source of report

February 28, 2015

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Sally Mumm was questioned by an investigator several years ago regarding concerns that were reported. The report appears to have been made based upon statements by Mumm’s vulnerable adult client.

According to a whistleblower (hereby referred to as Jane), Mumm’s daughter told other kids at a softball game that “someone had come to the house to investigate because REDACTED had told somebody some stuff”.

The investigator questioned both Mumm and her daughter.

Mumm’s daughter expressed they believed they had been reported by Dr. Kent Kainz, a chiropractor in Thief River Falls.  “We know who did it. It was Lilly’s dad, Dr. Kainz,” Jane said, recalling what Mumm’s daughter told the other kids.

The abuse of the client appears to have been common knowledge.

Jane said she had serious concerns about REDACTED’s health and safety and spoke to the vulnerable adult’s elderly mother about it.  “I have some weird feelings that something is going on in Sally’s house,” Jane said, recalling her conversation with REDACTED’s mother.

“The mom said ‘she tells me lots of stuff – lots of stuff’” Jane said.

According to Jane, the mother was afraid to report Mumm. “I think if I tell, they’re going to retaliate more, because when you ask READACTED – who are they going to believe – Sally or REDACTED?”

Jane made a report to social services but never heard anything about it again.

Jane said many local people knew the disturbing details of the abuse and exploitation of REDACTED, including the TRF city attorney’s wife, Tammy Sparby.

There are increasing concerns regarding the sudden and dramatic weight loss of Mumm’s client. Many fear starvation may have been used to punish the client and keep her under control.

Jane said she became concerned after she saw REDACTED hiding under the bleachers at a game and asked her what she was doing. Jane said REDACTED was waiting for Mumm’s daughter who had gone to ask her dad (Mumm’s ex-husband, Jeff Mumm) for money for items from the concession stand.

“I asked her ‘how did you get so skinny?’ She said ‘because I’m not allowed to eat food at Sally’s – I only can eat yogurt. I asked specifically ‘what do you eat for supper everyday’ [and she replied] ‘a yogurt and I only can have one and I’m so hungry,” Jane said.

Jane said she approached Mumm and spoke to her about REDACTED's weigght loss under the guise that she was impressed that REDACTED had lost so much weight and was now a size twelve. “I asked Sally” what size REDACTED used to wear andshe said “twenty”.

Jane said she asked Sally Mumm if there was a special plan for the weight loss program and Sally Mumm said, “she did it all on her own”.

There is no indication that a doctor or dietician was involved with the ‘diet’ imposed on the vulnerable adult by Sally Mumm.


Jane said Sally Mumm appeared to despise REDACTED and would not allow her to sit with her at games. “As soon as she’d get in the doors of the gym she’d demand REDACTED had to sit on the other side of the gym by herself. Unsupervised, because she’s not allowed to sit with [Sally Mumm] and the rest of the parents…like the Thief River Falls people,” she said.

Jane said she invited REDACTED to sit with her.

Jane said as they sat waiting for the game to begin, she (Jane) commented that one of the referees was cute. She said REDACTED replied, “Do you know who I think is cute? Not the refs – Jeff [Mumm] – but don’t tell Sally”.

Jane said she told Lynette Kinsman, a fellow spectator at the game, what REDACTED had said about Jeff Mumm; but had not realized Sally Mumm had come up and sat behind them and was in earshot of everything.

Jane said Sally Mumm’s reaction was borderline psychotic.

“I’ll fucking kill her when we get home. She better not have,” Jane said, recounting Sally Mumm’s reaction.

 “You know it wasn’t funny (to Sally Mumm) like we thought it was funny. You know because Sally is obsessed with her ex-husband – obsessed. Like, she won’t admit that their divorced. It’s just weird – it’s just really strange and psycho. I though oh know, she’s going to get it when she gets home. She grinded her teeth. Her eyes popped out. The veins in her neck - ‘I’ll fucking kill her’. She better not have said that,’” Jane said.

Sally Mumm is also alleged to have locked the same client in the basement while she went out for supper at the China King restaurant. The client was locked in the basement so she wouldn’t play with the “stove”.

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