Whistleblower: Thief River Falls Police Department refused to dispatch officer to women and child being violently chased by Sally Mumm

February 27, 2015

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

According to a whistleblower (hereby referred to as Jane) that once reported Sally Mumm to social services, the Thief River Falls Police Department (TRFPD) ignored her desperate call for police assistance as she was being chased in a car by Mumm.

The TRFPD refused to dispatch assistance because Jane wouldn’t provide her name during the pursuit.

“I knew if gave my name they would start playing games and favorites as usual. However, they would learn my name when they got to the scene so what difference did it make,” Jane said.

“I stayed on the on the phone with the dispatcher,” Jane said, explaining how she told the police exactly where they were located, as she provided the dispatcher a play by play of what Mumm was doing.

“[Sally Mumm] drove her car up on the sidewalk to get beside my car,” she explained.

She said Mumm was screaming threats and yelling profanities at her and her child.

“The police wouldn’t help me so I finally drove my car right up to the front of the police station and then Sally took off,” Jane said.

According to Jane, Mumm began to pursue her out of paranoia after Jane witnessed Mumm’s daughter driving without a driver’s license.

According to Jane, this was common, and the TRF School had contacted Mumm several times about Mumm’s daughter illegally driving to school without a license.

Mumm allegedly sought out an elderly couple and terrorized them as well, after they too confronted Mumm’s daughter at a gas station for driving without a license.

Jane said Mumm was known for having psychotic episodes.  

According to Jane, Tammy Sparby, the wife of TRF City Attorney Delray Sparby, openly stated she was deadly afraid of Mumm.

Tammy (Sparby) had to go to the doctor and get medicine for her stomach because she was so sick from fear and anxiety, Jane said.

Jane said Tammy Sparby told her Mumm was going to “ruin her marriage” and she was afraid to "not be Mumm’s friend".

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