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February 17 , 2014

Forged documents appear in court case connected to Scott Rothstein’s biofuel company

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Alternative Biofuel Technologies, Inc. (ABT) was an investment of convicted Fort Lauderdale attorney Scott Rothstein.

In June, 2011, John Burgun, the Company’s president, filed a lawsuit regarding monies owed him regarding the original formation of ABT. Burgun subsequently prevailed and was awarded a hefty judgment in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, which Burgun is presently attempting to collect.

Edward Boyle, biofuels specialist and brother-in-law of John Burgun, says forged documents were recently discovered by attorneys in the case.

The fake documents, which included a Judge’s signature, were received by various law firms, but did not appear in official Register of Actions with the Broward County Clerk of Court, Boyle said.

"There's a lot of fraud going on down here," Boysle said, noting the developement is refreshing. “[Attorney] Doug Reynolds said this time they got them,” he said.

Boyle said the faked documents were sent out to Parties on the peripheral of the case to mislead attorneys into believing rulings had been made. Boyle said one of the company’s that received fake documents was Florida Power and Lights.

According to William Staubs, private investigator, Fort Lauderdale, said ABT was supposed to receive a $231 Million dollar contract from the government per Scott Rothstein's relationship with then Florida Governor Charlie Crist.

The biofuel company was created the very day Casey Anthony was indicted for murder.

John Burgun’s wife, Maria Burgun, met with the Southern District FBI and told the Agent she believes her money was used to finance the kidnapping of HaLeigh Ann-Marie Cummings.