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The Secret House

On April 30, 2009 the Sheffield family’s private investigator, William Staubs – a.k.a. Cobra, signed a lease for a house located at 129 Olenader Drive, San Mateo, Florida.

Staubs signed the lease using another person’s name – with that person’s permission. The name Staubs signed was Donald Knop. He was a staff member for Sheffield's team.

Knop told me he gave Staubs permission to sign his name to the lease. Knop says he was in Pompano Beach, Florida at the time the lease was put in his name and he was present by telephone to give permission.

The date on the lease creates the appearance the house at 129 Oleander Drive is being leased for the first time on April 30, 2009. However, interviews I conducted with members of Crystal Sheffield’s team reveal the house at 129 Oleander was being used by the team before April 30, 2009.

Evidence clearly indicates the house wasn’t being rented on April 30; rather, an existing lease was being switched from one person’s name into another person’s name. The utilities were also put into Knop’s name.

It would be useful information to know whose name the utilities were in before the lease was switched into Knop's name.

The residence at 129 Oleander is commonly referred to as “The Little Red House” by staff members.

The Little Red House was a secret residence.

If the lease was originally a year; that would mean it was leased BEFORE HaLeigh vanished.

The identity of the individuals on record as being aware of the house, and/or having been inside the house, reveal powerful truths about the kidnapping of HaLeigh Cummings.

Wayanne Kruger, advocate for HaLeigh's mother Crystal Sheffield, told me William Staubs (Cobra) and John Regan (the undercover pervert) had secret houases in multiple states (the Underground).