Whistleblower(s): Public deceived at local news stands about drug trafficking and murder

Television Station Employee: “Mike Jacob that used to run the Herald – he’s a drug user. He uses cocaine”

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on April 11, 2015 at 1:09 P.M.

According to multiple whistleblowers, including one from a regional television station, the public has been systematically deceived at news stands across the region regarding very serious matters.

Murder, drug trafficking, prisoner abuse, sex orgies, and widespread debauchery are all commonplace as cover-ups are conducted to protect specific individuals in high places. 

The deception includes calculated manipulation of the published message regarding drug trafficking and other serious risks to public safety.

The sources say local media has a hand in it.

According to recent headlines in The Grand Forks Herald and The Fargo Forum, drug trafficking, human trafficking, prostitution, gang activity, street crimes, and overdose deaths are serious issues law enforcement is facing.

However, while the headlines are powerful, the substance of the content often goes no deeper than an unseen agenda.

According to the whistleblower(s), the public is not getting the whole truth, because the media is not telling the public the whole story. And the reason the whole story is not being told involves criminal activity that includes drugs, sex, and murder.

“Mike Jacob that used to run the Herald – he’s a drug user. He uses cocaine,” the source said.

Jacobs is the former publisher of the Grand Forks Herald, and presently works as an opinion columnist for the Herald.

The amount of published content governed and edited by Jacobs is beyond calculation.

The whistlblowers discussed matters involving both Grand Forks, North Dakota, and East Grand Forks, Minnesota.

“The city attorney was using drugs – and the mayor,” the source said.

“And the present mayor now, he’s got a relative that was selling drugs; I think he still is. The big shots around here have been using drugs and shit for years,” the source said.

Multiple whistleblowers say murders are being covered up.

According to the files of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and FBI there are confidential informants that have infiltrated the local drug trafficking and crime ring.

One name mentioned is Karl Lindquist, former city attorney for East Grand Forks. Lindquist was the attorney for EGF when the scandal known as Boardwalk Enterprises first began.

Lindquist, who was also employed as EGF city administrator, reported local government news for the East Grand Forks Exponent (despite three local colleges with aspiring writers and reporters anxious to get their feet wet). He also provided opinion column’s for the Herald.

Rollin and Julie Bergman, co-publishers of The Exponent, published a chronological timeline of events regarding the Boardwalk Enterprises scandal. The timeline was composed by present EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad and published as a defacto affidavit.

Upon close examination it appears the Bergman's were attempting to assist Galstad and Lindquist in their efforts to deceive the public. The timeline was cleverly written out of order in multiple spots, and appears to implicate Lindquist in the Boardwalk Enterprises scheme. Despite being contacted, the Bergman’s refuse to issue a clarification or correction on the matter.

Tales of decadence regarding Lindquist and other public officials are disturbing.

According to whistleblower sources, Lindquist was involved with the drug community and there is a video of him having sex with a drug addict. She was “f@#!#@g him. There’s a video out some place of it,” the source said.

According to the source, a local chief of police was also acting in such a manner. “She was giving him bl#@#$@s right in public and everything else,” the source said.

Write Into Action continues to investigate.

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